R600 "Black Box" coupon still good

R600 "Black Box" coupon still good

Gordon still lives here - The Valve "Black box" coupon bundled with the R600 is still good.

Many people are a little miffed at Valve's recent decision to cancel the Half Life 2 "Black box" version, which was expected to hit shelves at the same time as Episode 2. For those of you who haven't been following along, Black box was a great purchase option for those who already had the original game and Episode 1 - it contains Ep. 2, Portal, and Team Fortress 2.

If that sounds like the package you wanted, you're out of luck. But even worse, those who bought the recently released ATI 2900XT (also known as R600) received a coupon for the Black box version. Fortunately, Valve has now stated that the R600 Black box versions will still be available - it's only the retail version that has been cancelled.

So, if you happen to have bought an R600 and were looking forward to some Team Fortress and Portal action, you're in luck. For the rest of us, we're relegated to buying the orange version, which contains the original Half Life 2 and Episode 1 for $10 more. It's still a great deal, but many of us own those games anyways. Ah, well.

Got a thought on the Black box blues? Are you rejoicing that your Black box coupon will still work, or irked that they didn't just upgrade you to the Orange box? Tell us your thoughts in our forums.


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inflatable 22nd May 2007, 18:26 Quote
I assume since they say it's only the retail version that's cancelled that you can still buy EP2+TF2+Portal seperate on Steam? If that's the case it's no problem for me, I already bought HL2 and EP1 on Steam.. Not much interest in a pretty much empty retailbox and a gamedisc..
LeMaltor 22nd May 2007, 22:44 Quote
what the hell are we buying and how then?
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