Antec reveals P190 case

Antec reveals P190 case

The Antec P182 was one of our favourite cases and already Antec has announced a larger P180-inspired design, the P190.

Antec has today announced a new case, the P190, which is based around the same design principles it followed for the outstanding P182 we recently reviewed.

The P190's design was fuelled by the company's new dual power supply system called the 1200 Watt Neo-link, which combines a 650W and a 550W PSU together. The new power system is aimed at supplying multiple graphics cards and multi-core CPUs with enough power.

The P190 also incorporates some truly brilliant cooling measures. With a 200mm 'Big Boy' fan, Antec's largest fan yet, in the side as well as two top-mounted 140mm fans and a rear mounted 120mm as well the case should be the only thing on the planet cooler than we are, whilst still being smaller than our egos.

The Antec P190 will be use air filters and dual-layer side panels to deaden the sound of the fans and the system inside. If it holds up half as well as the P182 did in our testing, then it'll be another case to be very proud of.

Another improvement over the Antec P180 line is the relocation of the motherboard tray which has been shifted to reduce cable clutter, and there is also support for externally mounted water cooling.

Cautious readers need not worry though as there is a sample on the way to the bit-tech offices for a full workout. We'll be sure to give it some thorough testing.

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ychamp 15th May 2007, 14:05 Quote
give me one.

and wow lots of fan s there...

hopefully will be as good as the p182 and p180
DougEdey 15th May 2007, 14:05 Quote
Is this the 20Kg jobbie? And if so does that include the dual PSU?
cpemma 15th May 2007, 14:22 Quote
The price is a bit frightening - £287.53 at ebuyer.
In case you were wondering, the P190 is extremely heavy, considerably more than the P180's 36 pounds, due to the steel chassis and dual power supplies.
43lb (20kg) out of the box. One for a castors mod. ;)
capnPedro 15th May 2007, 14:37 Quote
The case should be the only thing on the planet cooler than we are, whilst still being smaller than our egos.
Pure quality!

The p182 should be my next case, this beast just looks too... huge. And the price, oh the price. £290 with two PSUs isn't that bad though, if you're paying about £55 for a PSU, it means the case is £180. Now compare that to a big Lian-Li. However, I'd like to see these PSUs tested first.
Mankz 15th May 2007, 15:43 Quote

ONLY £247 at OCUK. I'd rather have a £100 case and a £145 PSU.
Techno-Dann 15th May 2007, 15:51 Quote
The 200mm fan is nothing new: Antec put the exact same fan in the top of their 900 model.

That said, I'd still rather have a V-1000.
Baz 15th May 2007, 17:16 Quote
love antec, an excellent company. I've just had to order some new drive rails for my antec p160, purchased 4 years ago, and they're sending them to me free....from AMERICA!

go antec!
kosch 15th May 2007, 17:32 Quote
hmm the question is though are the PSU's any good and can you buy a version without the PSU's in?
MiNiMaL_FuSS 15th May 2007, 20:09 Quote
Antec PSUs have always been right up there with the best, I can't imagine they'd skimp there as they probably have most of the high quality componentes to hand from their TruePower and Trio lines.

Does this mean we can expect yet another p180 price drop :D

oh and anyone gunna review the new Antec Sonata III??
completemadness 15th May 2007, 21:04 Quote
hold on did someone say dual power supplies
Krikkit 15th May 2007, 21:48 Quote
Originally Posted by completemadness
hold on did someone say dual power supplies
Indeed they did. Great news for server setups tbh, replace that dual job with a proper pair of PSU's and get some nice redundancy going on. :D
completemadness 15th May 2007, 22:00 Quote
then again then lian li 2000+ will take a dual PSU (if you get the different mounting plate at the back)

there are like 3 i think, 1 for 1x psu and 2x 80mm fan, and 2 for dual PSU's (which aren't standardised i think ... sigh)
Jodiuh 15th May 2007, 23:52 Quote
The_Beast 16th May 2007, 00:21 Quote
It sounds like a modded P180 with dual PSU's and a few bigger fans
zhangmaster12 16th May 2007, 00:38 Quote
looks like a great case for air cooling, but not so good for h20 cooling.

dual psus will take some space away for bottom 120.2 rads : /

i love my p180b but frankly, it was quite a hassle to watercool and cable management is a bit of a problem.
r4tch3t 16th May 2007, 07:13 Quote
I would like one without the duel PSUs, and use the extra space for Water. Else I will stick with the V2000 I'm planning on getting.
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