AMD heading to 45nm in 2008

AMD heading to 45nm in 2008

Hector Ruiz has already started talking about his company's move to 45nm process, which will happen in mid-2008.

Even before AMD announces its next generation K10 architecture, AMD CEO Hector Ruiz started talking about his company's move to 45nm at a recent shareholder meeting.

Ruiz is quoted by The Inquirer as saying AMD "will introduce 45 nanometre chips in the middle of 2008." AMD's 45 nanometre node is believed to make use of silicon-on-insulator technology, much like all of the company's recent manufacturing processes.

Intel, on the other hand, will introduce its first 45 nanometre processors later this year, but the chip giant has yet to name a date. Rumours have suggested that the new Penryn processors, which are based on the new 45nm process, may be unveiled as early as July.

AMD also found itself defending its silence on upcoming products it is planning to release because, over the past few months, pressure has been mounting on AMD.

Consumers have been very vocal about this because AMD has been uncharacteristically quiet. Its fans want to know what is going on, as they've been waiting for new products ever since Intel introduced its Core 2 Duo processors last July. Ruiz said AMD would be more vocal in the future, but he also mentioned that it costs the company money to do that.

Are you waiting for K10, or are you waiting to see what happens with Penryn? Let us know in the forums.


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DougEdey 4th May 2007, 10:18 Quote
So we have a change in process, but sod all else?

Wow, I have so much faith in AMD...
Javerh 4th May 2007, 11:42 Quote
What's this about handing out information costing a bunch? They could just put it on their site.
Kaboom22 4th May 2007, 13:53 Quote
Originally Posted by Javerh
What's this about handing out information costing a bunch? They could just put it on their site.

Indeed, i was under the impression that talk was cheap...
devdevil85 4th May 2007, 17:26 Quote
Patience will reap benefits to whoever waits. I know that AMD has something up their sleeves, in terms of the R600 and especially this 45nm CPU. AMD usually can fill in the gap that Intel leaves and the prices are almost always cheaper than Intel's, but of course you have to wait a lot longer, but to me I think it's worth the wait and I will always see both hands before I jump into a $1500 2 1/2-year future-proofed investment.
David_Fitzy 4th May 2007, 23:00 Quote
All well and good but what are intel going to be bringing in 2008? 35nm? 8/16/32cores? stacked wafers? photo-transistor based chips? hyperdrive? teleportation? air freshener dispensers?
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