Core 2 Duo E6850 does 500MHz FSB on Gigabyte board

Core 2 Duo E6850 does 500MHz FSB on Gigabyte board

Intel's unreleased Core 2 Duo E6850 looks like it'll be at least as good an overclocker as the older Core 2 chips.

I couldn’t let Tim get all the fun with the probing questions and deduction on the G84/86 front, so after I spotted Gigabyte had an “unknown 3GHz CPU” in an unmodified Gigabyte GA-965P-DS3 motherboard, I went all out to get the juicy details.

I eventually managed to grind down the Gigabyte rep guarding the system, and he admitted it was a “new” Intel processor with a 1333MHz FSB.

At 3GHz, this means it can only be the next generation Core 2 Duo E6850. He even went as far to pass a comment that it wasn’t that hard to reach 500MHz FSB, but I’m not sure if he was directing it at the motherboard or indicating the new “E6x50” range is very FSB happy.

Given the fact that this CPU in the system was running stock voltages, I’d be inclined to assume he was referring to the latter.

The motherboard was using the latest D10 BIOS for the board, along with some OCZ PC2 9200 FlexXLC at 1:1 500MHz. Gigabyte and Intel are certainly doing something right here, and hopefully this overclocking demonstration will be re-created (and hopefully surpassed) by end users in the coming months.

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Andreoid 17th March 2007, 19:49 Quote
wtf! 3ghz with such a little vcore o0
rupbert 17th March 2007, 21:00 Quote

I don't think I can wait until July/August to switch to Intel.
Tyinsar 18th March 2007, 00:00 Quote
shweet -esp with the announced price drops (if all goes as planned)
Kipman725 18th March 2007, 09:52 Quote
Originally Posted by Andreoid
wtf! 3ghz with such a little vcore o0

Ramble 18th March 2007, 13:16 Quote
Please make a quad core version...
mclean007 18th March 2007, 22:37 Quote
Defo must be a 1333MHz FSB chip - look at the multiplier - it is limited to 6-9, and since the stock is 3GHz, that must be 9 x 333, which indicates a 1333 quad-pumped FSB.

Nice clocks with apparently little effort, but will have to wait and see if the retail units clock as well or if this is a cherry picked engineering sample.
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