ThermalRight Teams up to create crazy memories

ThermalRight Teams up to create crazy memories

Heatspreader + heatpipes = win? Team Group thinks this is the way forwards for high-performance DDR2...

Today, Team Group showed us the fruits of its collaboration with a leading heatsink manufacturer - did you ever wonder if your memory heatspreaders were big enough to make a difference?

Team Group thinks that its latest memory product might help overclockers achieve wet dreams quicker with its oversized sink, spreader and pipe combination.

The monstrosity on top of the company’s latest product is a heatpipe solution that was actually designed by ThermalRight – the company famous for its high-performance CPU coolers.

It looks like the two companies have essentially bolted an aluminium heatpipe onto either side of the memory heatspreaders in an attempt to keep the memory much cooler.

We’ve yet to see additional cooling really make a difference to memory performance, but both Corsair and OCZ have gone their separate ways on the next generation of memory cooling. In that respect, Team Group has gone in another completely different direction too.

The current modules using this heatpipe technology are only rated at PC2-8500 (or 1066MHz) and available in 2GB dual channel kits (2x1GB). The clocks are quite low by today’s high-performance memory standards, but there should be some decent headroom.

On a slightly related note, the company was also showing off 4GB dual channel kits rated at DDR2-800MHz as 4GB is going to become the next ‘standard’ memory configuration in enthusiast systems. We should start to see this transition over the course of the year as Vista adoption gathers pace.

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Jipa 16th March 2007, 09:21 Quote
Finally memories with heatspreaders that actually LOWER the temperature of the chips ;) BTW you can't stick more than two of those to any board at a time and even less you can stick two of those to the slots next to each other. Kinda sucks.
Paradigm Shifter 16th March 2007, 10:30 Quote
That looks rather insane... a good way, of course. :)
Woodstock 16th March 2007, 11:07 Quote
the "golden" question is of cause what bennifet will it give
Steven Tarise 16th March 2007, 15:24 Quote
Actually, I'd say the "golden" question is why they say "Xtreem" on them.
DXR_13KE 16th March 2007, 15:25 Quote
Jipa 16th March 2007, 15:40 Quote
Yeah well the review in metku is written by me, just didn't bother to advertise the site here ;)

Yeah indeed they are freaking huge. Maybe they are good for some extreme overclockers, but I found them totally useless and think a fan would do the exact same thing. But they sure look cool and lower the temperatures even compared to most heatspreaders.
Bindibadgi 16th March 2007, 18:44 Quote
Originally Posted by Jipa
Yeah indeed they are freaking huge. Maybe they are good for some extreme overclockers, but I found them totally useless and think a fan would do the exact same thing.

I cant agree more tbh.
Splynncryth 17th March 2007, 19:02 Quote
haha, those are enormous. I know it's not memory enthusiasts use, but I wonder how those heat pipes would do on FBDIMMs.
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