OCZ to break PC11000 barrier soon

OCZ to break PC11000 barrier soon

OCZ's PC11200 memory is going to start sampling soon. When it does, it'll be the fastest memory out there...

OCZ showed us what is believed to be the world’s fastest DDR2 memory yesterday, rated at a lofty PC11200 or 1400MHz.

In order to reach these speeds, OCZ has set the timings to 5-6-6 with an operating voltage of 2.35V. These aren’t exactly blistering timings, but when combined with breakneck clock speeds, the modules should easily be the fastest out there when they ship to retail.

The modules are based around OCZ’s flagship FlexXLC hybrid air and watercooler that keeps the DRAM chips cool enough to operate at these insane speeds, although the company said that watercooling wasn’t required, even when overclocking beyond 1400MHz.

While this is all good, the modules aren’t sampling yet, so we can’t call them the outright fastest for the time being... OCZ’s reps did tell us that the modules would be sampling very soon though, so we can expect to hear more about these in the near future.

We also grabbed a few snaps of the company’s recently announced Reaper HPC modules, which are now up to PC9600 or 1200MHz speeds. The heatsink attached to the heatpipe is a single piece of anodised aluminium and the heatpipe is attached directly to both sides of the heatspreader on the module. Interestingly though, the company didn’t seem sure on whether the new cooling idea would catch on. We’ll have a sample soon enough, so we’ll be giving you the low down on the good, the bad and of course the performance.

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samkiller42 16th March 2007, 09:41 Quote
WOW, thats insane speeds, are there any boards that support these speeds of RAM?

Mother-Goose 16th March 2007, 09:46 Quote
is right!
Paradigm Shifter 16th March 2007, 10:29 Quote
Are there any boards that would cope with a 700MHz FSB?
DXR_13KE 16th March 2007, 15:30 Quote
next step.... make these things run cooler.
Bindibadgi 16th March 2007, 18:42 Quote
The next boards to launch for the 1333FSB CPUs should be capable, but "unofficially".

OT: I saw a certain "50" CPU today, at 500FSB. "Oh yes, that was easy" he said :D:D

In the future it may be needed ;)
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