R600 is delayed until Q2

R600 is delayed until Q2

R600 is delayed until Q2. There's no suggestion on when in Q2 yet, though.

We have just learned that AMD's upcoming and eagerly anticipated R600 graphics processor has been delayed until the second quarter.

Something drastic enough to prevent AMD from launching this quarter has gone wrong, but the company didn't really go into the specific cause of the delay.

We could speculate all day long, but we'll leave that to someone else.

The chip was scheduled to get its first public outing under the lights in the Hanover Messe at this year's CeBIT trade show, but that is starting to look unlikely given this news.

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DougEdey 21st February 2007, 13:57 Quote
But but but, they have WHQL drivers!

I'm scared Timmy!
Mathmarauder 21st February 2007, 14:03 Quote
Ouch looks like Nvidia needs to step it up and get some stable drivers out the door then.

Although if Crysis isn't launching until Q2 this kinda makes sense, gives them time to make a better product.
Tyr 21st February 2007, 14:38 Quote
Could be rather harmful to their sales and profits, things are not going AMD's way at the moment. I don't think there has been a delay on their mid-range and low-end products so we'll still see those at cebit.
DXR_13KE 21st February 2007, 14:52 Quote
they must be joking!!!!
vaporware here we come.
aggies11 21st February 2007, 14:58 Quote
Makes sense. It's kinda silly to release DX10 parts before any DX10 games are out. The games keep getting delayed, so why not the parts.

On the one hand I don't mind, because I don't want a DX10 card until there are games to play on it.

On the other hand, I am disappointed, because the earlier these cards come out the faster the price will drop. So a delay just means higher prices for longer :(

I wouldn't be surprised if this was a "strategic" move, much like Nintendo's Delays of it's Wii Titles for this year.

Major 21st February 2007, 15:08 Quote
I guess I will not wait mid March now for the R600.

Nvidia will not drop their prices in March now, looks like they will benefit from it. ;)
Mathmarauder 21st February 2007, 15:09 Quote
Maybe they got their hands on some DX 10 code and saw there were areas they could increase performance and so they went back to the drawing board.

I mean really there isn't much use for a DX 10 card right now(unless you like messing with faulty drivers)
tuteja1986 21st February 2007, 15:15 Quote
Originally Posted by Mathmarauder
Maybe they got their hands on some DX 10 code and saw there were areas they could increase performance and so they went back to the drawing board.

I mean really there isn't much use for a DX 10 card right now(unless you like messing with faulty drivers)

Acutally no... end of March is Q1 ending so it is on track for Apirl which is Q2. Also if they went back to drawing board it would then be moved in late Q2 or early Q3. Anyways R600 don't have a problem in destroying G80 , the problem lies in power consumption.
Major 21st February 2007, 15:40 Quote
There is DX10 Patch coming for CoH in March.
tyrael64 21st February 2007, 15:42 Quote
No equal crisis until q2 but people does buy plates with directx 10 to have I complete .
In these gpu the games of directx 9 runs much faster. No only directx10 is the best of these.
Amd much this taking in sending so much gpu as the CPU. Them this leaving to land to nvidia and intel. One hurts.
I want buy an amd prosesor whit 4 cores and the r600 but I must hope then until q2.
My english badly!

pd : r600 can win over 8800gtx but can take 8900gtx ?
DougEdey 21st February 2007, 15:47 Quote
What are ingles?
Javerh 21st February 2007, 15:53 Quote
Those spongy bits sometimes found in breakfast cereals?
Mother-Goose 21st February 2007, 15:54 Quote
This isn't the kind of news we were all hoping for after daily tech reporting on a definite hard launch at the end of march.

BUT it is not all bad, April 22nd is D-Day regarding intel's big pricedrops, after which quad core (none extreme editions) and all duo's (again, not extreme editions) will be a fair bit cheaper, money saved can go onto a X2900XTX instead of a 8800gtx or something like that

Maybe there has been some sort of malfunction at the product plant, fire perhaps? a bad batch of silicon?! plausible possibilities.
tyrael64 21st February 2007, 16:03 Quote
english sorry xD
rowin4kicks 21st February 2007, 16:14 Quote
looks like i spoke too soon about amd's great planning !
shame i wanted to see some competion on the gtx's
ComputerKing 21st February 2007, 16:15 Quote
hey ?? no you kidding me !!! I wan want get one nooo :( :(

ati better to do some thing soon

thanks for the informations :D keep it up dudes
Bursar 21st February 2007, 17:19 Quote
Shame. I've just got an 8800 640 GTS so I'm not in the market, but I was hoping the R600 would come out just to give nVidia a bit of a kick.
Darth Joules 21st February 2007, 18:51 Quote
Buggerations!!! :( I was kinda counting on the March launch and then subsequential STALKER benchmarks of the X2800XTX against the 8800XT in Vista so I can choose the card for my new PC. Now I'm going to have to waste my money on a mid-ranged stop gap solution like the X1900GT.
AuCapote 21st February 2007, 19:01 Quote
Some time ago, there was some info floating around that, like the X1800 series, soon a refresh version surfaced, which improved Ati's cards in a number of ways. There was some rumour about R620 (or something) being another one of those "refreshes".
So, maybe AMD is holding out, with the objective of launching a better product, heck, maybe they even want to launch the new cards along with the new CPUs, that would be cool.
DXR_13KE 21st February 2007, 19:23 Quote
Originally Posted by DougEdey
What are ingles?

ingles is how you say English in Portuguese. :)
crayfish 21st February 2007, 19:38 Quote
How does everyone know the R600 is going to be so good?
perplekks45 21st February 2007, 19:53 Quote
Because it better HAS to be good to outperform G80. And as it's been nearly half a year between G80 and R600, maybe even more, it has to outperform G80 to have a chance on the market.

And yea, now 'We'll have WHQL drivers before the cards will be availible' seems a bit more realistic with R600 launching late March - June. ;)
crayfish 21st February 2007, 20:22 Quote
OK, I see.

If Stalker turns out to be good I'll have to go nVidia coz I quite fancy playing Stalker.
HourBeforeDawn 21st February 2007, 20:22 Quote
ugh oh well I will continue to wait if anything more time to save up more cash so its all good ^_^
speedfreek 22nd February 2007, 01:02 Quote
Originally Posted by HourBeforeDawn
ugh oh well I will continue to wait if anything more time to save up more cash so its all good ^_^
A good plan as long as you dont continuously wait. I set a goal, when AMD has quad core and the next card out.
r4tch3t 22nd February 2007, 01:37 Quote
Doesn't mind me too much, the power consumption is too high anyway. Plus the next card I get is going to be nVidia due to better drivers (except Vista ones but I am running XP)
It is a bit of a downer though as it would drop the 8 series prices sooner. Plus I am an AMD fan.
Mother-Goose 22nd February 2007, 09:06 Quote
Originally Posted by HourBeforeDawn
ugh oh well I will continue to wait if anything more time to save up more cash so its all good ^_^

Me too, the goal is when R600 is out..... :(
Mother-Goose 22nd February 2007, 10:05 Quote
Done some pretty deep googeling this morning and I cannot find anywhere else with this information, Tim, who have you been beating to get this information?

EDIT: I should just shutup, found stuff straight away after i wrote this. DOH
Fiber4now 24th February 2007, 18:02 Quote
For those that believe it is a strategy move that the R600 is delayed, then you must have believed that the yr late launch of the PS3 after the Xbox 360 was strategy also. In one yrs time Microsoft has shipped over 10.5 Million units creating a market that could support 3.5 million Gears of War game sales. If that was a strategy by Sony it backfired?

What happened to ATI is they did not have the licenced for Unified Shaders that went into the Xbox 360, Microsoft owns the graphics in their system. They did not want to make the same mistake they made with Nvidia with the original Xbox. With no licence to use Microsoft's unified shaders, ATI had to create Unified Shaders II and that is the stumbling block. It took Nvidia 4 yrs from start to finish to come up with their version of Unified Shaders G8800 series which is what Direct X 10 is all about and is the reason why DirectX 9 cards will never be able to play those games correctly.

In those 4 yrs Nvidia denied and denied the need for Unified shading, and by using this denial process continued to sell non unified shader products for vastly higher prices then they could have hoped for if they would have announced their intentions of releasing a Unified shader card in the near future.

It seems that ATI is still working upon their Unified Shader structure finding out much to late that Nvidia used 128 Unified Shader units when their own had 64 units. ATI countered with a rumor of each unit could do four executions to only Nvidia's two. Seeings that this was not enough ATI needed to enlarge the bit width of their memory bus to 512 and use DDR4 memory and this is where I believe the stumbling block resides, the use of the 512 bit memory bus and faster DDR4 memory is not performing as ATI would like, it is either a driver issue where the data is not taking advantage of the wider bus or it is a problem with the controller itself acting on data on such a wide bus.

Anyway you slice it is not a marketing maneuver but a plain and simple hardware software problem that needs to be rectified before launch because it is to harsh to be fixed by a driver or firmware update.
Marquee 26th February 2007, 22:41 Quote
I really hope AMD creates a card that will last longer in the market. Nvidia will profit from this delay in more then one way; because now there overpriced 8800 cards will sell for higher profit margins and Nvidia will have enough time for R&D for there next card which I wont be surprised will be relrease shortly after the R600.
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