Pentium 4 631 overclocked to 8GHz

Pentium 4 631 overclocked to 8GHz

Smokin' baby!

A group of enthusiasts from Italy have managed to overclock an Intel Pentium 4 631 (3GHz) to the lofty milestone of 8GHz using liquid nitrogen to cool the CPU to less than -190?­­ degrees Celsius.

The team of overclockers realised they were onto a winner when they managed to get the 3GHz single-core Cedar Mill chip to over 7.4GHz with an unmodified off-the-shelf Asus P5B Deluxe.

They weren't satisfied though, as they believed that there was more headroom left in the CPU. In order to squeeze every last drop out of the CPU, the overclockers modified their P5B Deluxe to give the board some more stability at these extreme clock speeds.

According to CPU-Z validator's hall of fame, this is the highest recorded frequency on an X86 processor. It's even more impressive when you consider the board and CPU were running at 533MHz FSB - that's a 166% bus overclock. We'll leave you with a screenshot.

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Evenge 24th January 2007, 14:42 Quote
Lazlow 24th January 2007, 14:47 Quote
BioSniper 24th January 2007, 14:55 Quote
Thats one intense overclock and I'll be reading the full article, when I get home.
quack 24th January 2007, 15:08 Quote
ComputerKing 24th January 2007, 15:16 Quote
:( :( :( :( :(
oddball walking 24th January 2007, 15:22 Quote
Originally Posted by Computerking
:( :( :( :( :(
That sums it up .
Highland3r 24th January 2007, 15:38 Quote
Pretty awsome clock. Judging by the voltage they ran (only 1.9v) there's more in the CPU too. Maybe we'll see them break well into the 8.xx range in the near future - CPU's not coldbugged either which is helping them out loads. Great results :D
quack 24th January 2007, 15:41 Quote
What's a penitum btw?
DougEdey 24th January 2007, 15:47 Quote
What was their Pi time?
zoom314 24th January 2007, 16:12 Quote
omg cubed.
Tyinsar 24th January 2007, 16:16 Quote
but I wonder what the total power usage is now - that's got to be expensive to run (not that that's the point).
Skill3d 24th January 2007, 16:26 Quote
omg 8Ghz nice....

on to the 10Ghz barrier
sadffffff 24th January 2007, 16:36 Quote
would be cool to see benchies against a core 2 duo, to see if the raw ghz make up for the architecture
teamtd11 24th January 2007, 16:36 Quote
Thats flipping amazing
Hugo 24th January 2007, 17:15 Quote
Now lets get this in a retail kit ;)
Mankz 24th January 2007, 17:18 Quote
screw LN2....

we demand Liquid Helium!!!

i saw the full article over @ XS a couple of days ago and its a sight to behold.

also notice that they are using a 631 or something, not a huge 670 or the like..
samkiller42 24th January 2007, 17:38 Quote
Thats dam inpressive :)

Tim S 24th January 2007, 17:50 Quote
Originally Posted by Mankz_91
also notice that they are using a 631 or something, not a huge 670 or the like..
yep, that makes it all the more impressive - you don't need such a high bus overclock with a 670 :)
Mankz 24th January 2007, 18:34 Quote
but also, those 670's were all 90nm right ??

so even though they have to go a further 800Mhz, it should have a lower TDP at 8Ghz when compaired with a 670 at that..

not that TDP really matters when you've got a 631 at 8Ghz....
DXR_13KE 24th January 2007, 18:58 Quote
holly #$%& holly #$%& holly #$%& holly #$%& holly #$%&

now do that with a C2D!!!!
Piddu 24th January 2007, 19:01 Quote
italians do it better
Mino 24th January 2007, 20:58 Quote
Complimenti ragazzi , and for those who don't belive, yes, italians do it better

Aankhen 25th January 2007, 00:49 Quote
Holy smokes.

r4tch3t 25th January 2007, 03:06 Quote
Absolutely brilliant ;)
Now lets see some every day usage out of this? Anyone for uberfast MS office j/k.
mattthegamer463 25th January 2007, 03:51 Quote
No words. Too cool.

I want.
David_Fitzy 25th January 2007, 04:50 Quote
I wonder what a days running costs would be in terms of liquid nitrogen??
Neogumbercules 25th January 2007, 05:28 Quote
I guess there was some truth to Intel's 10ghz claim after all.
riggs 25th January 2007, 08:15 Quote
8Ghz!? Bah, that's nothing...


Dr Dark 25th January 2007, 09:30 Quote

That ROCKS - now I'm waiting for the first madman to make a homebrew nitrogen cooling kit - and I'm gonna put a deposit on it!
Skill3d 25th January 2007, 09:41 Quote
Originally Posted by Dr Dark
- now I'm waiting for the first madman to make a homebrew nitrogen cooling kit -

I was thinking the same thing
Paradigm Shifter 25th January 2007, 14:35 Quote
Originally Posted by David_Fitzy
I wonder what a days running costs would be in terms of liquid nitrogen??
LN2 isn't actually all that expensive per litre (when compared to something like liquid helium, anyway...) but it wouldn't be something you could use for prolonged periods due to other overheads...

I'm most impressed that they got it to 7.4GHz without any board mods. That's some impressive work. :D
Redbeaver 25th January 2007, 15:06 Quote
now, to see plug in a couple of 8800gtx's and see the 3dmark06 out of that baby...................................
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