Mesh goes CrossFire with new Radeon boards

Mesh goes CrossFire with new Radeon boards

Ruby sez: "Mmmm, Mesh." Apparently.

One of the UK's top system builders, Mesh, has introduced a new range of systems based on ATI's new CrossFire cards.

The systems - the Matrix 2 XFR range - start at £799 with a single Radeon card which can be upgraded to CrossFire later, whilst dual-card systems start at £1099. At the top end, an X1900 XT CrossFire system tricked out with an Athlon X2 4800+ and a 20" widescreen monitor will cost you £1899, which isn't bad value at all.

Mesh has configured the rigs with the latest ATI drivers, which means full Avivo capabilities, with all the transcoding and video-watching lovelyness that the tech entails.

The motherboard that underpins the systems is the Asus A8R32-MVP, which we looked at here.

The last Mesh system we looked at was the Xtreme FX60, which we rather liked. Have a quick gander at Mesh's new systems, then let us know what you make of them over in the forums.