RAID on laptop = kick ass gaming rig

RAID on laptop = kick ass gaming rig

Intel demonstrated hotplugging RAID drives and the dynamic array rebuilding.

Intel is showing off the RAID technology that will be available to notebook makers with its next generation mobile platform.

Intel's Matrix RAID technology has been a success on the desktop, being integrated in the the ICHR6 southbridge that ships on many 915 / 925 / 945 / 955 boards. It allows for RAID variants that can either house backups that enable dynamic system rebuilding on drive failure, or give faster performance via striping.

Now the same technology is going to come onto laptops with the next version of Centrino, codenamed Napa. Intel is pushing it as a great way for business users to have added reliability and data backup on their work notebooks.

Our take - get two 7200RPM laptop hard drives in RAID, and put an end to the major bottleneck in mobile gaming at the moment.

Anyone for 2.5GHz Pentium M, GeForce 7800 Go graphics and a 200GB RAID array? I'll take mine to go, please...

Don't tell us you don't want it...