Activision promises 'bespoke' features for Destiny 2's PC release

Activision promises 'bespoke' features for Destiny 2's PC release

Activision's chief executive Bobby Hirshberg has promised 'meaningful' and 'bespoke' features for the PC release of Bungie's upcoming Destiny 2 MMOFPS.

Activision has promised that the PC version of its upcoming massively multiplayer online first-person shooter (MMOFPS) title Destiny 2 will include 'meaningful features that are bespoke for the PC community,' though without offering firm details.

Developed by Marathon and Halo creator Bungie following its departure from Microsoft's ownership, Destiny was unveiled in early 2013 as the biggest and most expansive project the company had ever undertaken. The promises, coming as they did from the company which launched the bestselling Halo franchise, were enough to make the game the fastest-selling new IP in history, hitting an impressive $325 million in sales in its first five days. Sadly, critical response to the title proved poor, in particular criticisms over seemingly cut content which ripped out the promised deep and detailed lore in favour of having the user pause gaming and visit a website for background details.

Since then, Bungie has been hard at work overhauling the game, even going so far as to replace one of the main character's voice-over artists in a patch, and when Pete Parsons took over as chief executive promised that its best work was still in front of it.

Now, publishing partner Activision has hinted that the PC version of upcoming sequel Destiny 2 will be far more than a straight port of the console releases. 'We're committed to delivering meaningful features that are bespoke for the PC community and I'm really excited about what we have to show for them,' claimed Activision chief executive Eric Hirshberg during a question-and-answer session as part of his company's most recent earnings call. 'With Destiny 2's content, we're coupling Bungie's great visionary leadership with multiple AAA developers that have a proven track record here at Activision to help us make sure that we have just one great piece of new content after another to keep the community engaged. We've shown that when we have great engagement, great business follows.'

Hirshberg did not, however, provide any concrete details of these features, but promised more information during the game's gameplay premier event on May 18th. At the same time, he revealed that 'Destiny 2 pre-orders are tracking amongst the top in Activision Publishing's history,' suggesting that the relatively lukewarm reception to the original game as-launched has not harmed interest in the sequel.


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Paradigm Shifter 8th May 2017, 11:15 Quote
The sceptic in me thinks it'll be the ability to change the resolution. Possibly with shadows on/off toggle as well.
perplekks45 8th May 2017, 11:37 Quote
Originally Posted by Paradigm Shifter
The sceptic in me thinks it'll be the ability to change the resolution. Possibly with shadows on/off toggle as well.

Given the overall quality of recent console ports (I'm looking at you, Prey) it might be proper mouse support.
Omnislip 8th May 2017, 11:45 Quote
I'm not sure I could have come up with a line that makes me more suspicious of the "meaningful" features that they will (won't?) be adding!

I'll never make the same mistake after I was hyped by the "Skyrim expansions will be bigger than Shivering Isles" crock of crap.
edzieba 9th May 2017, 11:58 Quote
It's not impossible for an MMO to turn things around from bad to brilliant (FFXIV is an object lesson in this), but it;s sure as hell not easy. Bungie are doing their normal secretive thing rather than the community engagement Squeenix did to demonstrate and assure that FFXIV 1.0's numerous issues (from basic stuff like a practically unusable mouse control to poorly designed world layouts) had been fixed.
Basically, Bungie need their own Yoshi P to reassure that Bungie have actually corrected problems with Destiny 1.
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