Blizzard announces StarCraft Remastered

Blizzard announces StarCraft Remastered

Blizzard is bringing classic StarCraft back, making the 1998 RTS and its expansion freely downloadable while teasing a high-definition Remastered release for summer.

Blizzard has announced it is bringing back its classic sci-fi real-time strategy (RTS) StarCraft in 'Remastered' form, boasting new graphics and support for 4K resolutions - and to help build hype it's making the original release available free of charge.

Launched in March 1998 and expanded with the Brood War add-on in November that year, Blizzard's StarCraft puts the player in charge of one of three species - Terran, Zerg, or Protoss - in a clash of high-tech and bio-inspired weaponry. A massive critical success, StarCraft languished as Blizzard concentrated on its Diablo action role-playing and World of Warcraft massively multiplayer on-line role playing games; in 2010 the story continued with StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, the first version to include a 3D engine, followed by the Heart of the Swarm expansion in 2013 and Legacy of the Void in 2015.

Now, Blizzard has announced that StarCraft is going back to its roots - literally: the company is to launch StarCraft Remastered, which includes the original game and Brood War expansion with all-new graphics and a game engine supporting 4K resolutions. As well as graphical tweaks, the Remastered version includes new dialogue and audio, built-in support for friends lists and matchmaking, but - the company promises - entirely untouched gameplay. 'We’ve remastered our units, buildings, and environments, improved game audio, and broadened our supported resolutions,' the company claimed in its announcement this weekend. 'Illustrated interludes bring the struggles and victories of heroes like Artanis, Fenix, Tassadar, Raynor and Kerrigan to life like never before. Most importantly, the strategy gameplay that StarCraft perfected years ago remains unchanged.'

To build up hype for the Remastered version, Blizzard has announced an update to StarCraft and its Brood War expansion which will include bug fixes and new features originally developed for the Remastered release. Better still, the game will be made available completely free of charge when the update is ready later this week - whether or not you already owned a copy. The Remastered version, naturally, will be a paid-for update when it launches in the summer.

More information is available from the official website.


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Stelph 27th March 2017, 11:58 Quote
Itd be nice to see the original on a mobile platform like an iPad - although getting an RTS to work well on a touchscreen is quite challenging
perplekks45 27th March 2017, 14:38 Quote
Nice...another release without any creativity behind it. Seems to be all the rage recently to just re-release old-ish games made pretty for (way too often) full price.
somidiot 27th March 2017, 20:36 Quote
I've actually wanted to see this game visually updated. Although the classic is still fun to play.
Digi 28th March 2017, 11:53 Quote
Do this with Diablo 2 please Blizzard.
MSHunter 29th March 2017, 07:46 Quote
If only this was for Diablo 2 and there has been discussion in the past. The main issue fans have come up with is ratings. If they where to stick with the original design then the 4k version would have a 18 rating and if they made a more modest version a vocal group of the fans would be outraged. Personally I would be happy if they did remaster either way but also included pvp restriction that both parties have to agree and thereby remove the entire Hardcore tppk scene.

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LordPyrinc 30th March 2017, 00:59 Quote
While I love the fact that SC is getting a HD redux... D2 would be absolutely awesome in a redux. There are so many different character builds available with D2 versus D3. You get locked in more with D2, but that was the spirit of the game. Each build was a lot more tailored than D3. You picked your path and you lived with it. D3 allows too much respec of skills. You screw up, with a change of gear and stats you can pretty much reset you character. I want to relive the days when I could either go for a poison/bone spear necromancer or a summoner. A trap-assassin or a ranged one. A shouting barbarian, or one that throws axes or spears.
Harlequin 30th March 2017, 07:46 Quote
Did everyone miss the D1 remake event ??
LordPyrinc 3rd April 2017, 21:19 Quote
Actually I played part of the seasonal quest event with the pixelated version of D1 style. I got sidetracked by a steam sale on Fallout4 so I never finished it. It was interesting, but somehow just didn't feel enough like D1 to keep me involved to the end. But again, I blame Fallout4 from keeping me engaged with it.
perplekks45 5th April 2017, 13:46 Quote
Originally Posted by Harlequin
Did everyone miss the D1 remake event ??

No, but it was just D3 mechanics with ugly and D1-ish graphics on top. It was a nice tip of the hat to "the old guard" but something very different from a "proper" remake of D1.
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