Minecraft heading to Xbox One

Minecraft heading to Xbox One

Minecraft has sold more than 12 million copies on the Xbox 360.

Minecraft is heading to the Xbox One at the end of this week according to Microsoft.

Minecraft: Xbox One Edition will be released on September 5 and will cost $19.99 for new players and $4.99 to players who already have the Xbox 360 version of the massively popular open world sandbox building and survival game.

All the digital content available on the Xbox 360 version can be re-downloaded on the Xbox One edition if players already own it without any further costs. The main difference in the Xbox One version of the game is that the developers have leveraged the more powerful console to produce worlds that are 36 times larger.

A disc-based physical edition of the Xbox One version of Minecraft will also be released later this year.

Developer 4J Studios, the studio behind the Xbox One version and other console versions of Minecraft, is also currently working on a Playstation 4 version of Minecraft.

Minecraft has migrated from its PC roots to find a home on Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Playstation Vita, Mac, iOS and Android systems. The Xbox 360 version has sold more than 12 million copies since its 2012 release, not too far behind the PC’s 15 million copies. Across all devices, Minecraft has sold approximately 54 million copies.

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sandys 4th September 2014, 10:31 Quote
PS4 version is already out.
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