Skate 3 gets reprint due to Youtube popularity

Skate 3 gets reprint due to Youtube popularity

Skate 3 is four years old yet has remained in the top 40 throughout 2014, with sales increasing compared to 2013.

EA has started issuing a reprint of Skate 3 after it identified a surge in the title’s popularity stemming from Youtube.

According to MCV, retailer Game picked up on the fact that a lot of its customers were asking for the skateboarding sim, now four years old, and that there was not enough of a supply to satisfy this. The company therefore asked EA to print more copies which the publisher agreed to do.

Part of the game’s popularity can be attributed to Youtube personality Pewdiepie, who has produced several Skate 3 Let’s Play videos with the first video being watched more than 12 million times.

Pewdiepie is not the only Youtube personality picking up on Skate 3 however and a cursory search on Youtube for the title shows just how popular it is with Youtube producers.

To back up Game’s insight that there is an increasing demand for the game, Chart-Track shows that Skate 3 is the 20th highest selling game in the UK at present and that it has been in the top 40 for all of 2014. On top of this, sales of Skate 3 actually rose by almost 33% during the first half of the year compared to the same period in 2013.

Developed by EA Black Box, Skate 3 was originally released in May 2010 and received mostly positive reviews. EA Black Box itself was closed down in April 2013 during a round of restructuring.

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SchizoFrog 28th August 2014, 16:54 Quote
While you are at it, why not port it to PC? Why stop there? How about we also get games like NHL 14?
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