Obsidian picks up Pathfinder license

Obsidian picks up Pathfinder license

Pathfinder has become a very popular RPG system in the tabletop world, satisfying the corner of the market that wanted to stick with the 3.5 edition rules of Dungeons and Dragons.

RPG specialist Obsidian Entertainment has teamed up Paizo, the owners of the pen and paper roleplaying game Pathfinder, to create video games based in that universe.

Despite Obsidian’s pedigree in producing RPGs, having worked on the Neverwinter Nights series using the Dungeons and Dragons license and Fallout: New Vegas, the first game that the developer will be working on using the Pathfinder name will be a mobile title based on the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game.

The game will focus on deck building to produce unique characters that will be customised as the player progresses.

’Obsidian is a video game developer at the top of its game,’ said Paizo chief executive Lisa Stevens. ’Being able to bring that type of experience and passion to Pathfinder can only mean great things.’

Pathfinder came into existence in 2009 after Wizards of the Coast launched the 4th edition of Dungeons and Dragons. Its system is heavily based on the older 3.5 edition rules, also known as the open source d20 system, and is built around its own fantasy universe. Prior to Pathfinder, Paizo published materials for Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 edition.

The deal with Obsidian will not be Pathfinder’s first foray into the digital realm. A Kickstarter project for Pathfinder Online by Goblinworks, which had the support of Paizo, was successfully funded in January 2013, drawing in just over $1m in pledges. Described as a fantasy sandbox MMO and built in Unity, the game is currently in alpha.


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XXAOSICXX 14th August 2014, 13:15 Quote
This sounded great...until it turned into a mobile (read: iOS) game :/
rollo 14th August 2014, 18:30 Quote
Does IOS really need another card game has at least 6-8 big branded ones.
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