Flappy Bird returns

Flappy Bird returns

Flappy Birds Family is currently only available on the Amazon Android Appstore.

Flappy Bird has returned with a new version of the punishingly difficult mobile game available on the Amazon Appstore for Android.

The new updated game, Flappy Birds Family, builds on the original Flappy Bird by adding extra obstacles for players to avoid like ghosts and includes a two-player multiplayer mode. Like the original, Flappy Birds Family is a free download.

The game is currently only available through the Amazon Android Appstore and is not accessible through Google Play or on iOS as of yet. The title is also compatible with Amazon Fire TV and controller.

Flappy Bird became an unexpected success when it was released on iOS and Android in 2013 with creator Dong Nguyen making tens of thousands of dollars a day through in-app advertising with the game.

Nguyen surprised everyone by pulling the title from the Apple App Store and Google Play in February because the game’s popularity was causing the developer significant distress. He was also concerned that the game was too addictive and that it was becoming a problem.

Despite this, a month after taking the game down, Nguyen did announce that he was planning on re-releasing Flappy Bird with some improvements.

Following Flappy Bird’s removal, mobile devices with the game still pre-loaded on them started appearing on Ebay for approximately $500, although it is unclear if any of these phones actually sold for this much.


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