Xbox Ones to be sold in China from September

Xbox Ones to be sold in China from September

The Xbox One will be available to the general public through and will be offered to China Telecom's broadband subscribers.

The Xbox One is set to be sold in mainland China from September, making the Microsoft machine the first console to be sold in the country since they were banned in 2000.

Talking to Reuters, a China Telecom spokesperson said that the price had not yet been defined but that the console was being offered exclusively to its 30 million broadband customers. The console will also be available to the public at retail and is being sold through, China’s second largest e-commerce company.

The Chinese government banned the sale of gaming consoles in 2000 as they believed that games had a negative effect on mental health. The ban was lifted in January this year, although the government has previously stated it is only a temporary ban..

Gaming consoles were one of the unrestricted products listed as part of the creation of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone which was established last September. To take advantage of this, Microsoft formed a joint venture with BesTV New Media, a Chinese internet TV set-top box manufacturer, that would manufacture consoles in the Free Trade Zone.

The Xbox One was launched about a week apart from the Playstation 4 in November 2013. In order to better compete with its Sony rival, the previously essential Kinect was dropped as a compulsory tie in peripheral for the Xbox One, to bring the price of the machine down. According to Microsoft, this has resulted in sales of the console doubling between May and June.


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Nexxo 28th July 2014, 12:48 Quote
Is that with or without the Kinect?
goldstar0011 28th July 2014, 12:52 Quote
Last paragraph says how they've overall dropped the Kinect, reasonable to assume this goes for China too
Corky42 28th July 2014, 13:59 Quote
Question is how many titles will be available, China has some very strict rules on what is acceptable.
keir 28th July 2014, 15:18 Quote

They want games as well?
SchizoFrog 28th July 2014, 17:23 Quote
Is there any chance Bit-Tech can/will do a follow-on article regarding both consoles 12 months on from release? It would be great to get a round up of the best games released for each console and other best bits but also a round up of all the changes that have happened such as cancelled or yet to be released services. Also regarding performance, do they still perform roughly the same or has the PS4 pulled out a significant performance margin?

Not sure if it will happen but I think quite a few would appreciate the efforts. I certainly would. :)
rollo 28th July 2014, 22:14 Quote
Both consoles lack a game worth buying it for at the minute. Once the next Uncharted gets released things might change in that regard. Infamous second son might be your thing it actually looks next gen. ( its easily the best title launched so far).

Titanfall ( which is not exclusive its on pc) would be a xbox one game but lets face it if your reading this site you likely own a pc that can play it far better than the xbox one can.

Most of the launch line ups and recent releases have just been hd versions of ps3 and xbox 360 games.

Watchdogs has done both consoles no favours.

Still waiting from my point of view for a must buy title that blows away gamers. Halo 3 did it for xbox 360 people wanted to complete the story. Uncharted did it for ps3.
schmidtbag 29th July 2014, 14:21 Quote
Just out of curiosity, but did China just simply ban video games, ban foreign video games, or were they altogether illegal? If it were just a ban, I feel like the price point and lack of Chinese games would be enough of a deterrent for the majority of their population.

On a side note, kind of funny to think about how China may be manufacturing these systems and yet they're not allowed to play them. That's like making cocaine in a country like the US but distributing it in Peru.

Anyway, this is good news for MS, Sony, and AMD (particularly AMD, who needs the sales).
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