Star Wars: The Old Republic is one of five MMOs making more than $100m annually

Star Wars: The Old Republic is one of five MMOs making more than $100m annually

Star Wars: The Old Republic is currently the fourth most profitable MMO in the world and has a 6% share of the MMO market.

Five MMOs are currently making more than $100m every year according to research from SuperData.

A surprise entry in that top five is EA’s Star Wars: The Old Republic, which made $165m worldwide in revenue over 2013. That figure is comprised of subscriptions, expansion packs and microtransactions. Overall, the Star Wars MMO has a 6% market share.

Unsurprisingly taking the top spot is Blizzard’s World of Warcraft which easily surpasses all other entries on the list with a 36% market share and $1,041m in annual revenue. The closest any MMO comes to Warcraft’s throne is NCSoft’s 16-year-old Lineage, which rakes in $253m a year and has a 9% market share. NCSoft also has another three titles in the top 10 list with Aion, Blade and Soul and Lineage 2 taking seventh, eighth and ninth place.

TERA: Online takes third place with an 8% market share and $236m annual revenue and the top five is rounded out by Lord of the Rings Online which pulls in $104m annually.

EVE Online reportedly makes $93m and enjoys a 3% MMO market share with its hardcore space trading niche placing it at sixth place and the top 10 is completed by RIFT which has just 1% of the market and makes $36m.

The research also shows that subscription revenue has been dropping every year since 2010 with overall subscriber numbers dropping from 30.6m to 23.4m with the loss in revenue being partially mitigated by microtransactions and different payment options.

When Star Wars: The Old Republic launched, it was reported that it likely cost EA approximately $500m to develop. Developer Bioware has previously stated that the game can break even on 500,000 subscribers. The MMO switched to a free-to-play model two years ago.


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Corky42 22nd July 2014, 11:49 Quote
Is it known if SuperData only compared MMOs ? I only ask because it would be interesting to know how those revenue numbers compare to other game genres.
andrew8200m 22nd July 2014, 12:23 Quote
Over a billion US for WoW. All I can say is.. there are too many people out there with vitamin D issues...

Why does it not come with a warning on the box? :D
blacko 22nd July 2014, 12:58 Quote
look mom i've contributed to something i'm not a failure!

For the horde!
Alecto 22nd July 2014, 15:04 Quote
I wonder how Star Trek Online ranks up.
SlowMotionSuicide 22nd July 2014, 17:12 Quote
This is a surprise. I honestly thought they'd pull the plug on this one ages ago.
Fishlock 22nd July 2014, 18:20 Quote
Remember that the majority of WoW players are casual. Sure there was a time when I was bordering the 'hardcore' player, but for the most part (7 years) I've been casual. In this time I've almost always stayed subscribed, even if I haven't played for a month. It's a monthly outgoing that I tend to forget about until it's already gone out. This is how they make their money. Sucker.
ViPPeR_666 23rd July 2014, 02:18 Quote
More importantly than anything else Blizzard actually cares for their customers. I've waited, beta tested, was one of the first players to login and bought a SWTOR collector's package and leaving the game wasn't really that painful after 6 months because of the bugs and their pretty much ridicule customer support.

I must confess I'm quite surprised they're actually making any revenue out of the game.
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