Mobile Steam Machine being developed

Mobile Steam Machine being developed

The SteamBoy will not be as powerful as other Steam Machines but should be able to manage most games currently available on Steam.

A mobile Steam Machine is in development and has been announced at E3.

The device, called the SteamBoy, will feature a five inch 16:9 touchscreen and a control interface configured in the same way as Valve’s upcoming Steam Controllers with two touchpads, four triggers, eight other buttons on the front and an additional two buttons on the back.

Under the hood, the SteamBoy will have 4GB of RAM and be powered by a quad-core CPU, although further details around the type and speed of the processors is yet to be revealed. The device will also support Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity.

Talking to The Escapist, a SteamBoy spokesman did warn that the handheld console would not be as powerful as other Steam Machines that have been announced by various companies. He compared the difference to that between the PS Vita and the Playstation 4 but did also say that it will be possible to play the majority of current games on Steam.

The SteamBoy is being developed by an independent company and is not affiliated with any of the major hardware suppliers. It is expected to release in 2015.

Valve’s own first party developed Steam Machines and its Steam Controller have been delayed to 2015 following feedback the company received. Another 14 third party manufacturers were set to release their Steam Machine later this year which are in many cases also likely to be delayed.

One company that has not been put off by Valve’s actions is Alienware, which has decided to go ahead with the launch of its Alienware Alpha later this year with it running on Windows 8.1 as opposed to SteamOS.


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SAimNE 16th June 2014, 13:58 Quote
ok now this is fricken awesome.... i mean they'll probably screw it up by using either crappy hardware, a crap screen, or terrible build quality since mobile devices usually have at least one of those, but if not it'd be fricken awesome to be able to play pc games on something that'd fit in your pocket.

not expecting fantastic quality and ultra settings, but i really hope they put enough power under it's hood to make it work :D

as a side note tho, i'm not really liking the button placement. seems hard to use the right touch pad and the buttons in quick succession which is usually required in fast paced games :/
ChaosDefinesOrder 16th June 2014, 15:06 Quote
Much like nVidia's Project Shield, the best USP for me would not be to play decent spec games natively by highly spec'ing the handheld, but in being able to stream from a high spec Gaming PC in another room...

Chilling on the couch with one of these streaming from my gaming rig upstairs would be awesome! Don't really care too much about playing the game ON the handheld itself...

A "Steamboy Streamer" like that would be awesome and wouldn't need that much in terms of spec; just something fast enough to receive, decode and display the incoming stream, and encode and send the controls as fast as possible with dual-band n and/or ac. Hell, for that kind of use it doesn't even need to be x86-x64 and could probably be a decent ARM SoC, and the thickness to accommodate the two shoulder buttons would allow for a freaking huge battery...
Icy EyeG 16th June 2014, 23:22 Quote
If you whois their site, apparently it's from Madrid. This is too good to be true. I also wonder if Valve is ok with such similar gamepad controls.
XXAOSICXX 17th June 2014, 07:39 Quote
Originally Posted by Icy EyeG
If you whois their site, apparently it's from Madrid. This is too good to be true. I also wonder if Valve is ok with such similar gamepad controls.

Indeed. I cannot imagine, in this day and age, that a company like Valve wouldn't have patents all over their new
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