Sony bringing its PlayStation TV microconsole to the UK

Sony bringing its PlayStation TV microconsole to the UK

The PlayStation Vita TV will be known as the PlayStation TV when it launches in the UK this autumn, bringing with it PS3 game streaming and PS4 Remote Play support.

Sony has announced plans to bring its PlayStation Vita TV microconsole to the UK, under the new name PlayStation TV and with full support for the company's PS Now streaming service.

Announced back in September last year as a Japanese exclusive, the device's primary focus is as a streaming target for PS Now. Using the service, which is due to open in beta format at the end of this month, players will be able to rent PlayStation 3 and earlier titles which are rendered on cloud servers and streamed to the local client using Gaikai's technology. Sony has also confirmed that PS Now will support local streaming from a PS4 console using Remote Play, giving gamers the ability to use a secondary TV without the need to physically unplug and shift their console every time someone wants to watch Coronation Street.

Other than a name change, there's little difference between PlayStation Vita TV and PlayStation TV other than Sony's apparent admission that the Vita brand has little traction in the US and Europe. As with the Japanese launch, two stock keeping units (SKUs) will be available on release: a $99 console-only pack, designed for those who already own a PS4, and a $139 bundle wich includes an HDMI cable, DualShock 3 controller, 8GB memory card and a digital copy of Lego: The Movie Videogame.

In addition to PS3 games, the PlayStation TV will also support selected Vita, PSP and PS One titles for purchase or rental, and can even connect to PS Vita consoles for local multiplayer in supported titles. As you might expect, the device also includes access to the PlayStation Store for video rental and purchase. Limitations of the platform include an inability to play Vita games that rely on features like the touch-screen or motion sensors, incompatibility with the PlayStation Camera, and no support for the Welcome Park, Near and Map features of PS3 Remote Play.

The PlayStation TV is due to launch in the autumn, with UK pricing yet to be confirmed.


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Impatience 10th June 2014, 11:00 Quote
Soo... Say I "rent" a COD game, does that mean I get the DLC included? Because I like this idea of renting games etc (if it runs smoothly.. after what i've heard about steam streaming!) to play the exclusives/for parties and the gaming PC for solo play/everything else.. But I wouldn't pay the £20odd quid for extra COD maps that i'd lose when I stop the subscription? Especially as i'd never buy the COD games normally, but if it's free in the subscription.. Why not?

Feel free to switch COD with Titanfall.. Or Battlefield.. Or ANY EA game!
Shirty 10th June 2014, 11:13 Quote
Steam streaming is as smooth as your network will allow. Think of it as a remote desktop application optimised for games rather than the desktop environment.
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