Last Guardian cancellation rumour denied

Last Guardian cancellation rumour denied

The Last Guardian was declared 'on hiatus' last year but is apparently now considered to be in full development.

Rumours that the much anticipated game from Team Ico, The Last Guardian, has been cancelled have been denied by Sony.

The cancellation was reported by IGN citing sources with information on an internal Sony meeting that took place last week. Playstation software product development head Scoot Rhode responded via Twitter to quash the report.

’I laughed at this rumor over dinner. The Last Guardian has not been cancelled,’ said Rhode.

Further confirmation came from Sony Computer Entertainment of America chief executive Shawn Layden talking to Spike TV presenter Geoff Keighley who stated that the game is in full development in Japan.

IGN has since issued a full retraction and an apology for reporting on the cancellation.

The rumour of The Last Guardian being cancelled was easy to believe. Last year, the game was declared as ‘on hiatus’ by previous SCEA chief executive Jack Tretton who said that the project was on hold but that [i]‘projects never ultimately go away’[/].

Announced in 2009 for the Playstation 3, Team Ico’s game about a boy and his griffon has been expected to show up at almost every E3 since and speculation is beginning to mount as to whether it will feature during Sony’s press conference at the show this week as well as whether the game is still being developed for the Playstation 3 or if it is instead being reworked for the Playstation 4.


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GuilleAcoustic 9th June 2014, 12:24 Quote
I far prefear a finished game than a rushed one. ICO and Shadow of the colossus are stunning games. If this one is not out, then it mean that it not ready or do not reach their expectation in its current state.
Neoki 9th June 2014, 12:49 Quote
I am the same, been a recent release of rushed games coming out. Being this could be one of Sony's biggest IP's you would hope that it was not cancelled.

I look at BF4 and how that was rushed big time and can only hope that the console companies are not putting the designers under ridiculous SLA's
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