Xbox One gets boosted GPU bandwidth

Xbox One gets boosted GPU bandwidth

According to Microsoft's Phil Spencer, an update to the Xbox One software development kit this month has provided devs with increased GPU bandwidth.

Microsoft's Phil Spencer has announced that Xbox One developers now have access to more graphics horsepower, following an update that increases the bandwidth available to the console's integrated graphics processor.

While the Xbox One and Sony's rival PS4 share many similarities, there are distinct differences between the two. Both based on a semi-custom accelerated processor unit (APU) from AMD, the PS4 boasts 18 compute units to the Xbox One's 12 compute units. Although Microsoft has attempted to compensate for that disparity with a higher clock speed and a chunk of embedded memory on the processor itself, indications from developers are that at this early stage it's possible to run games at a higher resolution on the PS4 than on the Xbox One.

That's something Microsoft is, naturally, keen to change. Spencer, the new head of the company's Xbox division, has taken to Twitter to confirm a major impact of the company's latest software development kit update. '[The] June #XboxOne software dev kit [update] gives devs access to more GPU bandwidth,' he claimed. 'More performance, new tools and flexibility to make games better.'

Previously, Microsoft had suggested that the switch to make the Kinect depth-sensing camera system an optional part of the Xbox One experience would open up around 10 per cent more general-purpose compute performance for use by games, but this announcement suggests yet another gain for devs. What is not yet clear is how the change affects retail consoles: the suggestion is that developers choosing to make use of the increased bandwidth, the provision of which has not been detailed, will see their efforts replicated when the game is used on standard retail-model consoles - including those already in homes throughout the world.

With Sony enjoying a comfortable lead for its PS4, it's clear that Microsoft is on the defensive but only time will tell if these new performance gains will prove enough for the company to catch up to its rival.


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Corky42 5th June 2014, 13:04 Quote
I'm surprised no one has asked where this increase in GPU bandwidth has come from on his Twitter account, or do they censor things like that ?
Beasteh 5th June 2014, 18:53 Quote
Eurogamer are claiming that it's the removal of Kinect and some of the system functions (e.g. being able to run background apps) that gives the boost.
SexyHyde 5th June 2014, 23:28 Quote
But "not console, but media centre". Surely they can't remove the things they've been bleating on about as reasons to buy? I'm guessing this will still leave them short of PS4 performance too.
TheMadDutchDude 5th June 2014, 23:50 Quote
It'll still be slower than a PS4, and they're removing one of the key selling points to bring the boost. I don't like Kinect in general but it is fun shouting commands from my room that bring up menus on my brothers console next door.

If the console was at least £50 to £75 cheaper without Kinect, I'd be interested. Well, I am anyway, but not yet.
KayinBlack 10th June 2014, 02:16 Quote
Meh, I bought a WiiU. I'm perfectly content with Monster Hunter.
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