Humble team launches fortnight of bundles

Humble team launches fortnight of bundles

The Deep Silver Rebundle is the first promotion listed. Other bundles that will be run will also include some of the team's more successful bundles from the past.

The Humble Bundle team is releasing a new pay-what-you-want game bundle every day for the next fortnight.

The promotion kicked off yesterday with the Deep Silver Re-Bundle, a rerun of a bundle that the site ran in July last year including Saints Row: The Third, Risen 2, Sacred 2: Gold Edition and Metro 2033 and Dead Island for anyone paying more than the average.

Each new deal will begin at 11AM Pacific time and the featured bundles will include some of the team’s greatest hits as well as some unique bundles created specifically for this event.

The Deep Silver Re-Bundle has already amassed more than $525,000 and still has 11 hours left on the clock.

Like previous Humble Bundles, each promotion will allow players to chose exactly how much they pay and will be able to split the money between the developers, selected charities or the Humble team themselves.

Some of the previous bundles that have been run include the Origin bundle featuring a long list of high profile EA titles, the Sid Meier bundle featuring Civilization V and Pirates and the Warner Brothers bundle featuring Batman: Arkham City, F.3.A.R and Scribblenauts Unlimited. Bundles featuring practically every high-profile indie game release have also run on the site.

No indication has been given yet as to which bundles specifically are being revisited over the next two weeks.


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GeorgeStorm 14th May 2014, 11:13 Quote
I really do like the Humble Bundles, will try to make sure I check each day.

First bundle is already tempting me for a couple of the games, Dead Island co-op looks like it could be fun.
hoochy 14th May 2014, 11:56 Quote
That's a lot of games for your money (depending how much you pay I suppose) - sadly I have some of them already so giving today a miss

Will check everyday - I'm sure within the next two weeks I will of spent money on more games I don't need or have time to play - at least I know the money will be going to good causes.
mi1ez 14th May 2014, 22:14 Quote
Between this and the GOG sale, my finances are screwed...
SexyHyde 15th May 2014, 01:39 Quote
gave $1 for Saints Row III, but it just goes on my steam list as a "may install and play one day".

Humble Bundles are worse than steam sales for me.

A few recommendations. Bit.Trip Runner 2, Limbo, Machinarium. They have a good price on Lego Marvel Superheroes which i've just spent almost 100 hours on with my son.
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