GOG launches spring Insomnia sale

GOG launches spring Insomnia sale

GOG first tried this limited availability format for a sale in November.

Good Old Games is running a spring sale on 100 of the games in its catalogue and offering up to 90% off each one.

Instead of following the format of Steam’s deep discount sale, the GOG Spring Insomnia sale will put each game up on sale one after the other. The game on sale will stay there until it runs out of copies, an unusual concept for a digital distribution site.

Each game on sale takes up the bulk of the main page and lists how many copies remain. At the time of writing, Humans Must Answer is on sale with approximately 120 copies left.

The sale kicked off yesterday and some of the titles promised to appear include Papers, Please, Leisure Suit Larry: Love for Sale, Outlast and Divinity: Dragon Commander Imperial Edition. The sale does not however give any indication of when each title will be offered or what sort of running order they are sticking to, if any.

The site also ran a similar promotion last November and it looks like it is keen to make its Insomnia sales a regular feature. was established in 2008, originally as a way of delivering classic PC games that were patched and would run on modern machines. More recently in 2012, it has begun selling more modern titles as well. Each game listed on the site is DRM-free.

The game distribution site is owned by CD Projekt RED, the developer and publisher behind The Witcher series.

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