Apple makes indie push on app store

Apple makes indie push on app store

The Indie Game Showcase will highlight a single developer's library and games that it recommends.

Apple has launched a new Indie Game Showcase section on its App Store, promoting indie titles on its digital marketplace.

The section will be curated by individual indie developers who will promote not only their own titles, but also their favourite games that they feel are deserving of the attention.

Beat Sneak Bandit developer Simogo is the first developer to have the spotlight shone at them with its other games Year Walk and Device 6 also highlighted.

‘Independent studios prove that what really matters is the size of your dream,’ reads the description for the showcase on the app store.

Apple has relatively recently cracked down on recommendations by way of promotion for other apps on the app store with clause 2.25 of the App Store Review Guidelines. PocketGamer picked up on the change and mentioned that this could be intended to crack down on app-promotion services.

The new indie section appears to be a legitimate way around this and offer a chance to produce non-Apple curated sections in the app store, albeit for a very small minority of people.

Being featured on the Apple App Store is often considered a make-or-break necessity for many indie titles. With well over 1 million apps available on the app store, it is very easy for a single title to get swamped and overlooked.


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