Valve snaps up Dear Esther developer

Valve snaps up Dear Esther developer

Dear Esther was launched as a standalone title in 2012 after being available as a free Source mod.

Dear Esther developer Robert Briscoe has been hired by Valve Software.

Announced on Briscoe's personal blog, his main motivation for seeking work with an established developer is to escape the solitary lifestyle that he says that he currently experiences.

'For the past five years, 90% of my days have been spent working alone,' said Briscoe. 'My conversations with people existing mostly through Skype or via email, and with most of my close friends moving on or away from my sleepy home town, I'm left wondering what the hell I'm still doing here.'

Briscoe has been working a Unity version of Dear Esther which he intends to finish off in his spare time with help from other developers at Brighton-based studio The Chinese Room.

In the long run, Briscoe confirms that returning to indie development is something he intends to do but that for the time being he just needs a change and Valve presents an excellent opportunity for that.

Before working with The Chinese Room, Briscoe worked at DICE.

Experimental first-person art game Dear Esther was released in February 2012 after a stint from 2008 as a free Source engine mod. As of the end of last year, it had sold more than 850,000 copies, helped along by its inclusion in Humble Bundle 8.


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Maki role 14th March 2014, 09:40 Quote
I really loved Dear Esther from a story perspective. Obviously there wasn't really any gameplay, but the narrative was so engaging and the surroundings so beautiful that I didn't really care. The ambiance in that game really made for a fantastic experience, a real step up from the original mod in my opinion.
Meanmotion 14th March 2014, 09:50 Quote
I found it was one of those games/experiences where I didn't really enjoy it in the moment - as beyond the first 20mins or so, where you're just intrigued, it just felt tedious to play and like it didn't need to be a game - but as I look back I have fond memories.
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