Asus Game Box micro-console plans leak

Asus Game Box micro-console plans leak

Asus plans to launch an Android-powered micro-console dubbed the Game Box, with images of its controller leaking from the US FCC.

Details regarding a new Android-powered micro-console from Asus have emerged ahead of an official announcement, even as market pioneer Ouya looks to diversify away from hardware and into platform licensing.

According to a recent filing with the US Federal Communications Commission spotted by Droid Life, Asus is in the process of finalising Bluetooth certification for an Android-powered micro-console system dubbed the Game Box. While images of the console itself are not provided, a shot of the controller is and reveals a DualShock-inspired layout which includes dual analogue sticks, an island-style directional pad, four face buttons - plus Start, Select and a central Home button - along with shoulder buttons.

Internally, the console is claimed to be based on an quad-core Nvidia Tegra 4 processor, include 2GB of RAM, 8GB of flash storage - likely upgradeable through external USB mass storage devices or SD cards of some description - and will run a customised version of Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. In short, it's a mild upgrade over the Tegra 3-based Ouya and aimed primarily at gamers who don't need the latest and greatest visuals to have fun.

Speaking of Ouya, which will be Asus' biggest rival at launch, the company is currently in the process of diversification. With sales of its micro-console proving poor, Ouya has announced plans to offer its Android gaming platform as a licensable option to competitors - starting with the Mad Catz MOJO. Although this gives the company a new revenue stream, it also removes the last unique feature of the Ouya hardware platform - something that the company may regret as the number of competing devices rises.

Asus has not commented on its plans for the Game Box.


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xaser04 13th March 2014, 12:06 Quote
Considering how poor the Ouya has done I am surprised anyone is bothering with this. As long as the price is low enough though I suppose it might be successful?

The controller however looks like one of the cheap knock offs you used to have as a "spare" pad for the PS1/PS2 for when you friends come over.
schmidtbag 13th March 2014, 13:15 Quote
lol "Game Box". That's what my dad called my brother's console back in the day of gamecube and xbox (he also called it "X-Cube".

@xaser OUYA did poorly because they decided to be lazy and cheap with hardware. The concept was good but it was already old tech before it was even released, and they had more than enough money to change that.
Narishma 13th March 2014, 13:47 Quote
I don't think hardware had anything to do with why Ouya failed. Unless you're talking about the crappy controller. No, the reason it flopped is the lack of compelling software.
Crunch77 13th March 2014, 19:53 Quote
crappy sony looking controller. Take inspiration from Xbox controller, and it might stand a chance.
mi1ez 13th March 2014, 21:01 Quote
Why aren't these guys bundling all the hardware into the controller? Why the need for a box? If you can fir the SOC, battery etc. into a phone, why not a controller?
Gareth Halfacree 13th March 2014, 21:37 Quote
Originally Posted by mi1ez
Why aren't these guys bundling all the hardware into the controller? Why the need for a box? If you can fir the SOC, battery etc. into a phone, why not a controller?
'Cos they don't want to be accused of ripping off the Nvidia Shield, which is exactly what you just described (plus a flip-up screen, 'cos you might as well.)
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