Ex-Ubisoft team scanning the planet for new game

Ex-Ubisoft team scanning the planet for new game

ReRoll is currently seeking crowdfunding through the sale of various packages allowing access to its pre-release versions.

Two former Ubisoft developers are scanning planet earth with the use of drones to use it in a new post-apocalyptic survival game.

The game, ReRoll, will be an open-world action RPG with the map built from civilian drone-sourced images of the planet. The developers intend the map to be to scale and an accurate reproduction of earth, complete with weather patterns consistent with different regions.

Developed by Pixyul, a Montreal studio formed by Ubisoft veterans Julien Cuny and Louis-Pierre Pharand, ReRoll will be the studio's first title. Cuny and Parand left Ubisoft last year to start up their own venture.

ReRoll will be set from an isometric viewpoint and players will have to take on roles ranging from agriculture to engineering. Unlike current popular post-apocalyptic survival titles however there will be less of a focus on player vs. player gameplay.

The duo recognise that trying to reproduce the entire planet as the game's world makes this an ambitious project and have stated that they do not want to turn this into an MMO. Instead, the game will be played by single player or a small scale multiplayer co-op.

'It pushes people to explore a little bit more or be emotionally attached to the places where they live,' Cuny said, talking to Polygon. 'That emotional attachment to protect where you live, I think, is greater than a game developer's interpretation of L.A. or New York.'

Pixyul is focusing on a small area to put together first, which they are calling "Brick 1" before attempting to implement the entire planet into the game.

ReRoll is seeking crowd funding through its own website, inspired by the success of Chris Roberts' Star Citizen campaign. The crowd funding is being leveraged through different packages available on the game's site that will enable varying levels of access to the game.


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Dave Lister 4th February 2014, 09:52 Quote
Interesting idea, all the best to them. I shall look forward to the reviews.
suenstar 5th February 2014, 09:03 Quote
Hats off to them for trying a big and very different project for their first release as a new studio.
From the sounds of what we know so far, the game may be a nice change of pace.

Look forward to seeing how the development goes and getting a better look at gameplay somewhere down the line.
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