Ghost Games hit with lay offs

Ghost Games hit with lay offs

Ghost Games is in charge of the Need for Speed franchise, having been assigned the series after Criterion Games.

Need for Speed: Rivals developer Ghost Games' UK office has been hit by layoffs with a new as yet unannounced Need for Speed game being placed on hold.

Sources talking to Polygon said that the Electronic Arts-owned studio has already let go of all of its contractors in the office and given full-time staff the option of either taking compensation and leaving, or continuing to work in the office supporting work on a police-themed Battlefield title from Deep Space developer Visceral.

Officially, the Guildford studio is currently going through a consultation period.

Ghost Games, formerly EA Gothenburg, was only founded in 2011 and was given the Need for Speed franchise to work on after Criterion Games' brief stewardship over the series.

When the series made the transition to the newer studio in 2013, a month later around 60 to 65 people moved from Criterion over to Ghost Games with it, leaving only 20 at Criterion. Prior to the move, around 80% of Criterion staffers were working on Need for Speed with the remainder working on an unannounced secret new project.

Earlier this year, Criterion founders Alex Ward and Fiona Sperry left the studio to form their own venture. The two had been responsible for the creation of the wildly successful Burnout series.


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greigaitken 3rd February 2014, 10:34 Quote
I played latest nfs, was not impressed. not surpised.
Parge 3rd February 2014, 16:12 Quote
Deep Space... or Dead Space?
SMIFFYDUDE 4th February 2014, 07:37 Quote
Do EA do anything other than lay people off now?
Big publishers seem to me to be more and more a relic of the past, clinging to existence by means of releasing the same tired games annually.
cookie! nom nom 4th February 2014, 18:35 Quote
why dont they keep staff and just make a better game?
AlienwareAndy 4th February 2014, 19:28 Quote
Originally Posted by cookie! nom nom
why dont they keep staff and just make a better game?

haha this.

NFS Rivals started well and promised so much, then I knocked the crust off and found the poo :(

Any company who can't even make a PC game run at 60 FPS (or rather even ferking allow it) deserve to die in the face.
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