Castle Doctrine launches real money and weapons giveaway

Castle Doctrine launches real money and weapons giveaway

The Castle Doctrine launches on January 29. The alpha version can alredy be bought and is available at a 50% discount.

Home protection MMO The Castle Doctrine is running a promotion in the run up to its release on Steam that rewards players with real money and physical weaponry for playing the game.

Developer Jason Rohrer is using the promotion to reward alpha players of The Castle Doctrine. The amount of money players have in the game when the promotion ends on January 28 will be translated into real world money via an exchange rate.

Rohrer is putting up to $3,000 into the prize pot and will also reward the top eight players with additional prizes with the top player being rewarded with a dog club. The club was what initially inspired the game itself and was something that Rohrer bought after his wife was attacked by a dog in the street.

Additional prizes for the top eight players include a Door Devil security device which makes doors harder to kick down and a $50 gift certificate to Custom Cartridge Company, a Las Cruces gun shop.

The Castle Doctrine officially launches on January 29 and will be available on Steam. Rohrer recently commented on the practise of sales and how he believes they hurt your fan base, so he has promised that The Castle Doctrine's price will only ever go up.

At present, the alpha can be picked up for $8 but once it launches, the game will be available for a 25% discount for the first week and then will remain at $16 forever.


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Bede 23rd January 2014, 14:06 Quote
Intriguing. I suppose this is good publicity in the run-up to the Steam launch. Publicity is priceless, though I suspect he dodged a bullet by not providing a Glock 19 as top prize what with the hippies that seem to write about games nowadays.
Cheapskate 23rd January 2014, 16:45 Quote
"I got money. What did you get, Charlie Brown?"
"...A stick."
He should give away a trebuchet. A non-functional replica ball and cap pistol would have worked too.
mi1ez 23rd January 2014, 20:12 Quote
He's not doing the gaming industry any favours giving away gun shop gift cards!
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