Disney shifts 3 million Infinity starter sets

Disney shifts 3 million Infinity starter sets

The starter pack sells for approximately £59.99 and several expansion sets are already available.

Disney Interactive's part-video game part-collectible figures creation Disney Infinity managed to sell 3 million of its starter sets.

The starter pack featuring Mr. Incredible, Jack Sparrow and Sully sells for £59.99 and launched in August last year. The game ended 2013 as one of the top 10 best selling titles in the US according to market research firm NPD.

Disney Infinity even managed to give Activision's Skylanders series a run for its money. Infinity sold 551,000 units over December compared to Skylanders Swap Force's 597,000 units.

'We believe we've set the stage for Infinity to be an enduring video game platform,' Disney Interactive president James Pitaro told the New York Times.

Alongside the starter pack, Infinity already has a significant portfolio of additional figures available for players, including sets from Cars, The Lone Ranger and Toy Story. Each figure unlocks new play modes and items in Infinity, although there is a limit to how much sets from different franchises can cross over in the game.

The whole system of Infinity reportedly cost Disney more than $100m to develop. It is available on the Playstation 3, Xbox 360, WiiU and even 3DS.

Disney Infinity has significantly reinforced the financial prospects of Disney Interactive as shown by the company's fourth quarter financial reports. Driven by the success of Infinity, the studio reported a $16m profit in 2013 compared to a $76m loss in 2012.


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kenco_uk 20th January 2014, 16:26 Quote
It's clever because to play the story mode in two player, you have to buy a companion figure. If one was bundled instead, most would have just stuck with playing that one. The fact there's two spots on the usb portal for characters is inviting you to have some rocking two player fun, which you can only do in the Toy Box, which is fun but with no progression as such, I believe you explore or destroy enemies to gain points or stars toward upgrades or extra toys/objects to place in the world.
SMIFFYDUDE 20th January 2014, 19:38 Quote
It would be cheaper to get your kids hooked on smack when you consider all the addons.
Anfield 21st January 2014, 00:46 Quote
Want to flog more overpriced dlc? Bundle it with a cheap plastic figurine.
Cthippo 21st January 2014, 00:53 Quote
Originally Posted by SMIFFYDUDE
It would be cheaper to get your kids hooked on smack when you consider all the addons.

Probably healthier, too
Niftyrat 21st January 2014, 19:14 Quote
i personally love my lads skylanders it reminds me of classic gauntlet games in the way it plays, very addicitive now own 28 of the characters but have yet to buy swap force as i am waiting for the starter set to drop to £25 later in the year
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