Call of Duty Ghosts receiving eSports tune-up

Call of Duty Ghosts receiving eSports tune-up

The Call of Duty series has become a popular fixture at major eSports events.

Call of Duty: Ghosts is set to receive a series of updates that will focus on improving the shooter for use in eSports.

Following feedback from the Ghosts community, developer Infinity Ward will roll out changes that include tweaks to the competitive rules and spawning as well as the inclusion of Xbox One LAN support.

'The team at Infinity Ward wants to express our sincere thanks for the recent dialogue we’ve had with the competitive community,' said an Infinity Ward spokesperson. 'Each constructive conversation, message board post and reddit thread has had a positive impact on our development process. We’re always lurking and listening!'

Specific changes include restrictions on Ghillie suits, tracker sights and Danger Close items. The third person spectator mode will also be deactivated in competitive private matches.

As well as mechanical changes, the developer also intends to add a kill feed to the broadcaster mode and deal with the stability of the mode in general, enhancing the ability to actually spectate matches.

The changes will be deployed as hot fixes and TUs in the next few weeks.

Call of Duty Ghosts was released in November 2013 and was one of the launch titles for both the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One. Although selling well, the title sold 19% less when compared to 2012s Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.

The popularity of the Call of Duty series with the eSports scene has been growing steadily since Modern Warfare 3, with significant growth with Black Ops 2. Infinity Ward has attempted to encourage the series' popularity with the inclusion of specific playlists designed to be more eSports friendly and the spectator/broadcaster mode.


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do_it_anyway 9th January 2014, 13:48 Quote
You can't polish a turd
jinq-sea 9th January 2014, 13:51 Quote
Originally Posted by do_it_anyway
You can't polish a turd

True. Some argue that it is possible to roll it in glitter, though.
ADJB 9th January 2014, 15:40 Quote
Obligatory link to show you can polish a turd

Some turds are easier to polish than others though.
maverik-sg1 9th January 2014, 22:11 Quote
What ever became of the rebels that quit infinity ward and sued activision?
NIHILO 10th January 2014, 00:03 Quote
a nice varnish would give the apearance of a polished turd
AlienwareAndy 10th January 2014, 00:05 Quote
I really enjoyed the single player campaign. The only issue I had was how one minute the graphics were really good, then the next pretty bad.
ccxo 10th January 2014, 02:05 Quote
Originally Posted by maverik-sg1
What ever became of the rebels that quit infinity ward and sued activision?

Formed Respawn Entertainment and their first game is Titanfall.
Platinum 10th January 2014, 10:40 Quote
Wait so XBOne gets LAn support yet PC still does not have it, what madness is this??
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