Steam Holiday Sale launches

Steam Holiday Sale launches

The Holiday sale will run until January 2.

The Steam Holiday sale has launched with a new selection of deep discounted titles from the digital distribution library.

The sale has already claimed its first victims with deals on Dishonored, Bioshock Infinite, The Stanley Parable, Batman Arkham Origins, Space Hulk, Monaco, Dead Island and driving simulator Assetto Corsa.

In what might be a first for the Steam sales, a pre purchase title is also offered with Metal Gear Rising Revengeance on sale for 33% off. It was announced yesterday that the PC version of Revengeance will launch on January 9.

Flash sales that refresh every eight hours have also returned, as have the Community Choice sales, with the first chosen title being FTL.

Accompanying the Holiday Sale are snow globe trading cards that can be earned by buying games from the sale, voting in the Community Choice sale or outright bought on the community market.

The snow globe cards can then be crafted into game badges that earns special in-game items for a series of free-to-play games including Team Fortress 2, Warframe, DOTA 2, Realm of the Mad God and Spiral Knights.

Steam's trading card system, designed to provide further incentives to buy titles on the platform beyond deep discounts and convenience, launched into beta in May this year and had its first major trial during the Steam Summer sale.

The Steam Holiday Sale will be running with new deals each day through to January 2.


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proxess 20th December 2013, 11:58 Quote
Damn you bit-tech! I was faking I hadn't noticed the Steam sales, but I can't now! :(
RichCreedy 20th December 2013, 14:40 Quote
I told the wife a game I had on my steam wish list was in the sale, she said, you've had enough games this year, :-(
sandys 20th December 2013, 15:14 Quote
Assetto Corsa looks interesting, is it any good though?.
DrTiCool 20th December 2013, 15:56 Quote
I own AC and so far it looks promising, right now the game is just hotlaps 'cause there's no AI or multiplayer yet. Better get a wheel for this game although even X360 controller is fully supported and developer is prettty dedicated to player user base, just look at official AC forum. They even working on Oculus Rift addon which works with some flaws right now.
They should release a demo because driving model is pretty responsive and feels solid
did I say there are Ferraris
sandys 20th December 2013, 16:23 Quote
I have a logitech g27 so wheel is sorted :)

So at its £23 sale price you will have paid for its potential but don't know what the full game will be?

It looks nice but I rarely pay that much for the finished article, think I'll waiting for it to finish an come on sale.
Jimbob 21st December 2013, 11:12 Quote
Is it only me that really hates "the holidays" rather than just plain old Christmas. It started in the US but I've seen it in the UK this year and I'll be damned if I'm going to put up with it!
Corky42 21st December 2013, 12:25 Quote
Its because in this modern politically correct world Christmas is seen as an affront to other religions, so people call it "the holidays" so as not to offend anyone.
XXAOSICXX 21st December 2013, 14:50 Quote
Originally Posted by Corky42
Its because in this modern politically correct world Christmas is seen as an affront to other religions, so people call it "the holidays" so as not to offend anyone.

Might offend people who are working over holidays in sight :p
RichCreedy 21st December 2013, 15:22 Quote
there is to much of this "oh you can't say Christmas" guff, it's Christmas here, so say its Christmas, if they don't like it tough.
CrapBag 21st December 2013, 15:30 Quote
Anyone interested in worms revolution.

My son wants it and I'm quite happy to buy a four pack and then people pay me via bank transfer if I have enough interest.

£3.75 a copy.
damien c 22nd December 2013, 07:50 Quote
Noticed the sale was on, looked at the games that are on sale and I was like Meh!

They could have most games reduced but I wouldn't buy them from Steam after there attitude towards refunds, so I am sticking with Origin from now on.

A few friends though have already spent over £200 each on different games, but I have to laugh because they hardly have time to play what games they already have let alone new ones.
Pookie 22nd December 2013, 09:21 Quote
Just Grabbed 3D Mark for £1.89 :D
Weebob 22nd December 2013, 09:47 Quote
Originally Posted by Pookie
Just Grabbed 3D Mark for £1.89 :D

Just did the same, after all these years of using it thought I'd better finally pay up
greypilgers 29th December 2013, 21:58 Quote
In previous years I have seriously spanked the plastic on Steam's sales, but this year? There's been a couple I've spent on but no more than one every other day max. Dunno whether that means I've bought too many in the past, the Sales aren't as good anymore, or there just aren't too many great PC games around at the mo...?
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