Star Wars: Attack Squadrons trailer and beta test program revealed

Star Wars: Attack Squadrons trailer and beta test program revealed

Star Wars: Attack Squadron

Disney has provided a first glimpse at its upcoming Star Wars game, Star Wars: Attack Squadrons, with a teaser trailer showing the game in action. Plus it has opened up a program to apply to be a beta tester ahead of the game's full release.

The new game will be a free to play title that sees players take control of fighter-class Star Wars spaceships to battle it out in deep space. It will be World of Warplanes in space, or X-Wing vs Tie-Fighter online, if you will.

There will be three game modes to choose from, compromising of Free For All (up to 16 players), Team Dogfight and Base Defence. Players can play alone or they can join in with friends via a built-in community.

Battles will take place in the skies above "fabled Star Wars locations", such as around the Death Star, above Star Destroyers or the Lucre-Hulk space station of the trade federation.

With a free to play business model, Disney will be aiming to make money via in-app purchases, with players able to buy upgrades and new items for their ships. Disney also promises there will be "new ships, items and upgrades every month." Players will also be able to earn new items via in-game rewards.

Star Wars: Attack Squadrons trailer and beta test program revealed

No release date has yet been mentioned for the game, though those interested can currently sign up for the chance to take part in beta testing of the game.

Star Wars: Attack Squadrons is one of the first games announced since Disney's buyout of the LucasArts/LucasFilm brands earlier this year. Following the buyout LucasArts was closed, ending development of the much anticipated Star Wars 1313, a gritty third-person game centring on the bounty hunters of the Star Wars universe. All new Star Wars games will now be licensed out, with Area52 Games working on Attack Squadrons.


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Stanley Tweedle 18th December 2013, 11:43 Quote
Yes, it looks seriously dire and it's not just me saying that. Other plebs are saying it too.
Jehla 18th December 2013, 12:32 Quote
X-Wing vs Tie-Fighter online, if you will.

Oh how I want that to be an accurate description.
loftie 18th December 2013, 13:32 Quote
Read article title, got happy. Read article, got excited. Looked at photos, got super excited. Watched Youtube Video, died inside. Hopefully it'll actually be a good game and not be overloaded with robot screaming and staying in formation...
XXAOSICXX 18th December 2013, 14:23 Quote
"Word of Warplanes in space"

Microsoft Word? :p
adrock 18th December 2013, 15:46 Quote
i want this to be amazing, but i'll hold my breath for now (and suffocate before a genuine successor to x-wiong/tie fighter comes out).
Skiddywinks 18th December 2013, 18:29 Quote
That has got to be one of the worst trailers I have ever seen.

Even if it wasn't, I'm still recovering from the burn of MWO, and being their first F2P I don't have much faith that it will strike the right balance.

Gonna need to see a lot more and hear a lot more details.
greypilgers 18th December 2013, 20:43 Quote
Hahaha... I can see what they were trying to achieve with the trailer. I feel sorry for them though...

I hope this turns out to be as good as everyone wants it to be, but I'm a bit disappointed the max players per game is 16. Can't see how those numbers will convey the scope of the space battles from the films...
Glix 19th December 2013, 00:56 Quote
I've signed up for the closed beta as might as well take a quick peek for myself if they are offering. If I don't like I can leave feedback why nice and early, maybe enough people will do that and it actually become *shock horror* a decent f2p game (assuming it is not going to be good). :D
dyzophoria 19th December 2013, 01:19 Quote
something is so wrong with the video @.@
Devolve 19th December 2013, 14:55 Quote
Can't even sign up due to someone using my email address to sign up their a Disney account for their kid. Nice to see they didn't even need my approval for this, have to use a different email now /grump
iggy 30th December 2013, 03:07 Quote
X-Wing vs Tie-Fighter was X-Wing vs Tie-Fighter online.
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