Day Z alpha hits Steam Early Access

Day Z alpha hits Steam Early Access

Bohemia has warned that the Day Z alpha is in a very buggy state and should only be bought by players who understand this.

The alpha of the in-development standalone version of Day Z has been released on Steam Early Access.

The Day Z alpha is a standalone version of the wildly successful Arma 2 mod of the same name made by independent modder Dean Hall. Hall was brought on board to Arma developer Bohemia Interactive to work on this official version after the success of his mod drove fresh sales of Arma 2 itself.

Bohemia has been very upfront about the state of the game and stressed that it is a pre-release alpha and in a very unfinished state. A highly prominent warning is made in its Steam store description in full capital letters stating that players should only buy this if they want to 'actively support development of the game and are prepared to handle the serious issues and possible interruptions of game functioning'.

Earlier this month, this sentiment was forecast by Hall himself, describing the release as a 'true blue alpha' adding that 'buying early will be a recipe for disappointment.'

A playable alpha was originally set for release by the end of 2012 but the project suffered from several delays and set backs. There is still a lot of development to do before Day Z gets its full release.

'Be aware that our Early Access offer is a representation of our core pillars and the framework we have created around them,' warns Bohemia on Steam. 'It is a work in progress and therefore contains a variety of bugs. We strongly advise you not to buy and play the game at this stage unless you clearly understand what Early Access means.'

Day Z is currently available on Steam Early Access for £19.99. A full release date has not yet been announced.


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julianmartin 17th December 2013, 10:11 Quote
Within the Steam description, it says they are expecting it to take over a year to go to beta - which is pretty incredible. I am not complaining, the game seems quite playable so far, but I do wonder what they have been up to for a year. The servers are all well occupied so they have sold loads in the first 36 hours.
adrock 17th December 2013, 10:15 Quote
The me from 18 months ago is really excited for this. Unfortunately I think present day me has moved on. Battlefield 4 provides all the bugs, glitches and frequent updates i could want; what exactly does DayZ bring to the table?
julianmartin 17th December 2013, 10:58 Quote
sneaky sneak time, is what it brings.
GiantKiwi 17th December 2013, 11:27 Quote
Originally Posted by julianmartin
sneaky sneak time, is what it brings.

Wastelands in ARMA3 brings that to the table.

The DayZ mod is still light years ahead of the standalone, so this will never be bought by me.
DriftCarl 17th December 2013, 13:59 Quote
I liked the mod back in the day, but it was a pain in the ass to setup and keep updated so I stopped playing. I expect the standalone version will be much easier to update and play, without trying to sift through 50 different versions of server builds to finally find a server that works with the client I have installed,
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