Valve launches Steam Autumn sale

Valve launches Steam Autumn sale

The sale has started off with deals on Skyrim, Sleeping Dogs, The Walking Dead and Left 4 Dead 2.

The Steam Autumn sale has gone live and will be running through to December 3.

Initial deals on the promotion include The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim for £3.74 and deep discounts on other titles including Sleeping Dogs, The Walking Dead and Left 4 Dead 2.

Rogue Legacy and Outlast are both reduced by 66% and the alpha of Introversion's Prison Architect is 50% off at £9.99.

As well as the headline deals, the Autumn Sale is also sporting the flash sales that have proven popular in previous sales. These sales refresh every eight hours and currently include Prototype 2, Gone Home, Super Meat Boy and RPG Maker VX Ace.

At present however, there does not appear to be a way for the community to vote on what will be included in the next flash sale like it has been able to in previous sales. There are also no extra features like the trading card giveaway that featured heavily in the most recent summer sale.

The store page does recommend that if a game you want isn't on offer, adding it to your wishlist will allow Steam to send you an email if it does go on sale, although this feature is not new to the Steam sale.

Users are also reminded that games can be bought through the Steam iOS or Android app, giving players an extra chance to pick up deals that are about to expire.


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Pete J 28th November 2013, 10:02 Quote
Already picked up Outlast for 66% off. Time to have a good scare.
damien c 28th November 2013, 10:49 Quote
Picked up Elder Scrolls Legendary Edition last night for £10, never played it before and normally don't like that type of game but I thought for £10 it's worth a try.

Just need to get a larger SSD now so I can install a few more games.
VipersGratitude 28th November 2013, 22:10 Quote
Although it is no ones favourite platform, Origin also have a sale on currently - Some titles are cheaper in their sale than Steam's
Andy Mc 29th November 2013, 02:57 Quote
Going to avoid Steam this crimbo period, spent far too much over the years and need some time off from the sale.
erratum1 29th November 2013, 06:26 Quote
Just can't be bothered with downloading at the moment...15gb+ :(

Not to mention i've deleted half my games a while ago and my hd is still nearly full.
SpAceman 30th November 2013, 04:11 Quote
And for the first time the Autumn Sale has been correctly called the Spring Sale here in the southern hemisphere. Which is nice.
Woodstock 30th November 2013, 04:21 Quote
SpAceman did you look down under? (if not scroll to the bottem of the steam hompage)
mi1ez 1st December 2013, 07:35 Quote
Good spot Sppace, didn't even notice!
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