World of Warplanes takes off

World of Warplanes takes off

World of Warplanes

WarGaming has finally released its much anticipated free-to-play air-combat MMO, World of Warplanes.

The game, which has seen 4.5 million players sign up for its beta testing phase, follows in the footsteps of the company's hugely successful World of Tanks game that sees players battle it out in mid-20th century style tanks.

Here, though, the combat has taken to the air with the game offering 60 different types of aircraft of German, Soviet, US and Japanese origin.

The principle gameplay will see two teams battle in matches lasting up to 15 minutes, with battles ending when one team's players are eliminated or when one side achieves overall supremacy by destroying more enemy aircraft and ground targets than the other team.

“The release of World of Warplanes marks a great moment for Wargaming, and we are extremely excited to offer players the next great chapter in our gaming universe,” said Victor Kislyi, CEO of Wargaming.

“Just as we did for World of Tanks, we’ll continue to grow and evolve World of Warplanes with new content, nations, aircraft and game modes to keep our players fully engaged and always eager to take to the skies.”

Despite being a free-to-play game, World of Tanks has seen WarGaming make large sums of money from its over 45 million registered users by charging for premium content, such as camouflage, logos and flags.

World of Warplanes will follow a similar business model with equipment, weapons and consumables, clan creation and crew development all available for a fee. Gold subscriptions to access this content will work across both World of Tanks and World of Warplanes.


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DbD 13th November 2013, 15:36 Quote
Once bitten twice shy. WG willingness to unbalance the game just to make more money in WoT has put me off getting into any more of their games.
itrush07 13th November 2013, 16:05 Quote
I'm one of those 4.5M user though.. haha, can't stop playing.
Jimbob 13th November 2013, 16:22 Quote
Surprised it's dropping the Beta tag, love the game but still plenty of bugs to squash.
greypilgers 13th November 2013, 19:36 Quote
No British planes? :(
Evolutionsic 14th November 2013, 05:44 Quote
No British - No care I'm afraid

To be fair though they might well add them in a patch or expansion
Cthippo 14th November 2013, 06:55 Quote
Originally Posted by Evolutionsic
No British - No care I'm afraid

To be fair though they might well add them in a patch or expansion

New patches for WoT come out every couple of months. The Brits will come, but just not on release day.

Not so interested in this, but the warships look interesting.
CaptainCPU 14th November 2013, 09:12 Quote
Wonder how this game fairs against War Thunder
Jimbob 14th November 2013, 10:14 Quote
??? There have been British planes for ages.
Panos 14th November 2013, 14:10 Quote
Originally Posted by CaptainCPU
Wonder how this game fairs against War Thunder

Sucks compared to War Thunder. Actually is World of UFO, if you see how the Russians are moving.
DrTiCool 14th November 2013, 15:36 Quote
yep, War Thunder feels much more polished, heck there's no cocpit view in WoW, therefore feels like an arcade game
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