Tiny Death Star hits mobile devices

Tiny Death Star hits mobile devices

Tiny Death Star bears a striking resemblance to Tiny Tower and is filled with 8-bit renditions of Star Wars characters.

The first Star Wars game to be released since Disney acquired the license last year has hit mobile platforms in the form of Tiny Death Star.

The property management sim has been developed through a collaboration between Disney Interactive, LucasArts and NimbleBit and is somewhat of a re-skin of one of the latter's first breakout hits, Tiny Tower. The game is available for free on iOS, Android and Windows Phone platforms. It is also available on Windows 8.

The game has you building different floors of an 8-bit Death Star that fit into various themes from the Star Wars films, including the cantina bar from Tatooine and Cloud City.

These floors will be used to attract around 30 different Star Wars species to the base. At the same time, players must build supplies to help the empire and to capture rebel alliance spies or leaders like Luke Skywalker and prevent them from escaping your Death Star.

By playing the game, players will also unlock cut scenes featuring prominent Star Wars characters.

Disney shut down LucasArts in April this year, shifting the iconic game studio to a licensing model and away from its internal development model. In the process, Star Wars: First Assault and Star Wars 1313 were cancelled.

Nimblebit has seen a huge amount of success from its free-to-play mobile titles which include Tiny Tower, Pocket Planes and most recently Pocket Trains.


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mi1ez 8th November 2013, 10:39 Quote
Free to play and no doubt riddled the choice of micro transactions or "wait 6hours"
Andy Mc 8th November 2013, 20:39 Quote
Buggy. As. F**k. and yes, teaming with micro transactions.
Tangster 8th November 2013, 20:59 Quote
Not a HD remake of XvT/XWA...not interested.
Andy Mc 8th November 2013, 21:21 Quote
Originally Posted by Tangster
Not a HD remake of XvT/XWA...not interested.

No. It's more like the worst ever attempt to copy sim tower.
Snips 9th November 2013, 09:16 Quote
Works perfectly fine on WP ;)
matee 11th November 2013, 13:10 Quote
Tried it for few hours. There is absolutely nothing interesting about it. Didn't understand what's the point of this game.
Fizzban 11th November 2013, 20:39 Quote
I'll give it a go and see what it's like.
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