AMD, Raptr partner on Gaming Evolved software

AMD, Raptr partner on Gaming Evolved software

AMD has partnered with social network Raptr to launch Gaming Evolved, a software package designed to compete with Nvidia's GeForce Experience.

AMD has partnered with gaming-centric social network Raptr to develop Gaming Evolved, an add-on application which offers one-click downloads of optimum game settings along with screenshot, chat and video streaming facilities.

Designed to compete with Nvidia's GeForce Experience, AMD's Gaming Evolved Powered by Raptr promises much: designed to be as easy to use as possible, the software allows gamers to download tailored settings for their games based on the hardware found in their PC - with the settings themselves being provided by Raptr users world-wide.

As well as the settings-tweaking feature, Gaming Evolved offers users Raptr-powered social networking features. Gamers can participate in message boards, live chat, and compare progress in their games against friends. The software also includes integral screenshot-sharing, as well as a tie-in with video streaming service Twitch to live-stream gaming sessions.

'We've watched Raptr build a hugely successful platform and it's clear that they understand what gamers want,' claimed Matt Skynner, AMD vice president and manager of the company's graphics division, at the unveiling. 'The Gaming Evolved App Powered by Raptr allows our users get the most out of their gaming rigs while tapping into a thriving community where they can share their experiences and get rewards.'

Those who choose to install the software will also be offered small bonsues for doing so. AMD has confirmed that such rewards will include closed-beta access to selected titles along with downloadable content for their existing games.

'We believe we're taking a big step in improving the PC gaming experience for the masses,' claimed Dennis Fong, Raptr's chief executive. 'Combining AMD's expertise in hardware and performance with Raptr's already popular desktop app and 18+ million community was a perfect fit.'

A public beta of the Gaming Evolved application is available now from the official Raptr site.


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Dave Lister 11th October 2013, 11:07 Quote
I tried this after the AMD event in Hawaii mentioned it and found it rather pointless and not entirely accurate in its game detection.
edzieba 11th October 2013, 11:34 Quote
with the settings themselves being provided by Raptr users world-wide
Yes, because random users of a 'gaming social network' are experts in optimisation.
This really seems like something AMD themselves should already be doing as part of testing of GPUs: automated testing of each GPU model with a representative sample of current and past CPU architectures and memory capacities with a sample of modern and past games to ensure they work to spec and do not have specific frame-dropping or stuttering issues. Adding an iterative step to find the settings that allow a minimum framerate target (or rather, a minimum frame rendering time target) would not be an onerous burden. Nvidia seem to be able to do so.
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