City of Heroes spiritual successor hits Kickstarter

City of Heroes spiritual successor hits Kickstarter

Of the $320,000 asked for, the team only expects to see $180,000 after other parties have taken a cut.

A fan-made spiritual successor to the defunct super hero MMO City of Heroes has launched a Kickstarter project.

City of Titans, previously known as the Phoenix Project, is making a bid to pick up the funds necessary to finish off the ambitious MMO. The team is entirely formed of volunteers who met after City of Heroes closed down in November 2012.

the team is asking for $320,000 and has already pulled in more than $200,000 at time of writing. At present, there are also two stretch goals that would bring the character creation tool to Android and iOS devices if the project reaches $350,000 and $400,000 respectively.

'Our goal is to deliver a unique massively multiplayer online roleplaying game, created from the community of a lost universe, to build a new community for a new world,' reads the Kickstarter project page from Missing Worlds Media. 'They said there was no chance. They said we should find a new home. We have. We just made it ourselves. Because we dare to think the impossible.'

The team has already been working together for a year and with the money raised through Kickstarter, it will be mostly spent on software including Autodesk Maya and 3DS Max packages for the team. Other expenses will include website servers and paying legal professionals.

The project description also acknowledges the amount of funding that will have to go to Amazon payments, taxes and a royalty payment to Epic Games as the team is using the Unreal Engine and Kickstarter funds count as revenue. In total, out of the $320,000, the team expects to have $180,000 left over.

The game is intended to be free to play, but with the proviso that this will not be pay to win. Subscriptions will also be offered, but not required.


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dinoscothern 4th October 2013, 19:29 Quote
As a keen player of the old Coh, I've done my bit and made a donation. I hope it does well.
Neogumbercules 4th October 2013, 21:26 Quote
I played a lot of CoH for many years. This excites me.
Guinevere 4th October 2013, 21:31 Quote
I am so getting sick of the phrase "spiritual successor".
Sloth 4th October 2013, 21:35 Quote
Originally Posted by Article
The game is intended to be free to play, but with the proviso that this will not be pay to win.
They can say that... what constitutes "pay to win" isn't quite black and white, and the model implemented at launch isn't guaranteed to stay that way. I'm not a fan of the shift to free to play in MMOs, but at least there's an optional subscription.
Flibblebot 5th October 2013, 10:36 Quote
I hope this one works - CoH/CoV was the only MMO that I kept coming back to.
Artanix 5th October 2013, 11:09 Quote
so, from the way NCsoft normally work.

How long till this makes some money, and how long until NCsoft sue them?

Saying that, I was a big CoX fan, played from beta pretty much up until close, it didn't age that well, but I personally haven't found another MMO that allowed quite so much messing around for fun as this game :) (Super jumping off the tallest building was always good fun)
Andy Mc 6th October 2013, 12:24 Quote
Why no link to the kickstarter page? Don't say I have to spend a few seconds searching for it!
alpaca 6th October 2013, 16:21 Quote
They seldom do. I don't know why.
But why don't you?
It's not that difficult, and almost as much work as writing the comment:
the kickstarter campain
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