World of Warplanes pushed back to November

World of Warplanes pushed back to November

World of Warplanes has been running an open beta since June.

World of Warplanes, the much anticipated follow up to World of Tanks, is having its release date pushed back to 12/13 November.

Studio Wargaming was originally intending to release the title next week, but states that it still needs some final polishing before it is given a full release.

World of Warplanes is currently running an open beta and has been since July. The closed part of the beta started a year before in May 2012. Players taking part in the beta will have their experience points reset once the game launches.

'We are committed to releasing a great title and are doing everything to ensure that World of Warplanes gets the final polish that we believe the game needs,' said World of Warplanes director of global operations Vlaa Belozerov. 'The extra time will allow the development team to apply some last fine-tuning to the game's balance and make sure that every feature is top-notch before launching the product.'

The engine that World of Warplanes uses is the same "BigWorld" engine used by World of Tanks, although some tweaks have been made to adapt the environment for aircraft.

Wargaming's first foray into the free-to-play market, World of Tanks, has proven to be highly successful and the title currently has 60 million registered players worldwide. Last year, the studio announced that it had generated approximately €217.9m in revenue almost exclusively from the game.

An Xbox 360 release of World of Tanks was announced in June this year that will run separately from the Windows version and is currently being developed by Wargaming West. It is currently in closed beta and its original release date was listed as summer 2013.

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Alecto 24th September 2013, 18:21 Quote
Well, I have generated about $250 of profit from the game (WoT) after selling my account to some clueless dweeb on eBay. He's working very hard on ruining my WR, eff and WN now ... he managed to undo approximately 4-6 months of my playing over the course of the last month (which is how long he owns my account now).

There is simply too much frustration in WoT, every 11-yo windowlicking retard with Internet access can create an account and ruin other people's games with his stupidity. I can't see WoWP being any different in this regard, expect that it is technically inferior to WoT to top things off (everybody keeps complaining that it is even worse than War Thunder). Magic combination ... technically inferior and even more retards :-)
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