Sunless Sea launches Kickstarter campaign

Sunless Sea launches Kickstarter campaign

Sunless Sea will be released in the second quarter of 2014 if the project is successfully funded.

The developers behind the popular Fallen London (formerly Echo Bazaar) have launched a Kickstarter campaign for a new exploration, trading and survival game, Sunless Sea.

Failbetter Games has currently raised just over a third of its £60,000 target in less than a day, attracting 762 backers to the project.

Based in Fallen London's 'dark and hilarious Victorian-Gothic underworld', Sunless Sea will have a significant amount of random content generation and will allow you to tinker and interact with your chosen crew, trade to build your resources and fight off pirates as you explore the seas on board a customised steamship in search of your father's legacy.

As with Failbetter's online game, there will be a heavy emphasis on world building and story telling, allowing for a non-linear and choice driven personal experience. The engine the game will use to do this is an offline version of the same engine that powers Fallen London.

Influences for the title are listed as FTL, Don't Starve, Strange Adventures in Infinite Space, Sid Meier's Pirates, Taipan, Elite, other roguelikes, the Irish Immrama myths and rather intriguingly Monty Python's Crimson Permanent Assurance.

Beyond the £60,000 target, Failbetter has listed two stretch goals. At £95,000 the team will add submarines, or zubmarines as the team describes them and at £125,000 they will add dirigibles.

If the project is funded, the developer predicts that Sunless Sea will be playable by the second quarter of 2014 with some backers getting early access to the beta. The game is heading to PC and Mac and Failbetter are also hoping to be able to put together a Linux version, but cannot commit to that.

Failbetter's online Fallen London has been running for four years now and can be played for free. As the Kickstarter pitch video boasts, the game has more than 1 million words in it.


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Guinevere 4th September 2013, 17:53 Quote
Why no link to the campaign?
Cthippo 5th September 2013, 00:11 Quote
I can't see myself funding this, but it looks interesting to play if it happens.
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