MLG drops Starcraft 2 from winter championships

MLG drops Starcraft 2 from winter championships

MLG states the Starcraft 2 just doesn't fit in with its plans for the November tournament.

Major League Gaming is not running Starcraft 2 as part of its November Pro Circuit Championship later this year in Columbus Ohio.

MLG co-founder Sundance DiGiovanni stated over Twitter that the eSports favourite 'just doesn't fit' into the organisation's plans for the tournament. He also qualified that Starcraft 2 fans already have plenty of tournaments to watch.

This is the second move that MLG has made away from the Starcraft 2 scene as in June it announced that it would no longer be producing Blizzard's own tournament for the real-time-strategy game, the World Championship Series (WCS).

MLG dropped the Blizzard-organised tournament so that it could focus on producing its own tournaments as WCS was proving to be a drain on its resources. The North American Star League (NASL) will instead pick up producing duties for the tournament.

MLG's Ohio Pro Circuit Championship will run between November 22-24, after the conclusion of the WCS during Blizzcon earlier on in November. The event will likely still feature League of Legends and Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, as previous championship events have done.

Last year, League of Legends was revealed to be the most popular game streamed on with approximately 35,000 unique broadcasters on the platform. The game's rise in popularity was also shown in October 2012 when prominent Starcraft 2 team SlayerS disbanded with three of its notable players leaving the game altogether specifically to transition to League of Legends.


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wafflesomd 10th August 2013, 18:13 Quote
MLG is not a tournament, it's an advertising event.
Harlequin 10th August 2013, 20:08 Quote
and ofc this has nothing to do with the HUGE push into DOTA2 then......
AverageNinja 10th August 2013, 20:14 Quote
Why?!?! D:
I love watching SC2 matches :(
Elton 10th August 2013, 22:10 Quote
No real problem. Others will still stream and broadcast it. Or produce it.
Skiddywinks 11th August 2013, 23:26 Quote
If your organisation's plans include BO2 but not SC2, I think I may have to pass on your organisation.
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