Everquest Next revealed

Everquest Next revealed

Everquest Next will feature a storyline that adapts to the things you appear to like doing.

Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) has revealed a new MMO in the Everquest series.

Everquest Next will feature a constantly shifting game world thanks to its fully destructible voxel-based terrain. Changes that players make on the world will be permanent.

The game will not sport a traditional levelling system but will instead have approximately 40 different classes at launch and give players the chance to mix and match abilities as they play through the game.

The MMO will also react to the decisions that you make and try to present you with quests that match the things you seem to like doing. This will theoretically also present each character with a unique procedurally generated story.

Alongside the announcement, SOE also revealed Everquest Next Landmark, a sandbox building game that allows players to create objects and buildings in the Everquest Next world.

Creations can be shared with friends and several people can collaborate on the same thing. The MMO's designers will offer guidance on the sorts of things that they would like to see built and help shape creations that are being made with selected structures and environments from the community ultimately being included in Everquest Next.

'Today, many MMOs fail because players consume content faster than developers can create it. With EverQuest Next, we're creating a living world that players are part of and empowering them to produce new content alongside the development team,' said SOE president John Smedley. 'What does the future hold for EverQuest Next and Sony Online Entertainment? It's in the players' hands, and we like it that way.'

Everquest Next Landmark is set to be released as a free-to-play title later this year, but main MMO Everquest Next has not had an official release date announced and there are no details as to what pricing model it will use.

'Everquest Next is not the continuation of a familiar story. It represents the fundamental reimagining of the characters, lore and environments of the Everquest universe," said SOE Everquest franchise director of development Dave Georgeson. [i]'Make no mistake, while great care has been taken to respect the extraordinary influence that Everquest has had in this industry and with our player community over the years, this is a boldly different game unlike anything that has come before.'

SOE has been working on Everquest Next since 2009.

The original Everquest is considered by many to be the progenitor of the modern MMO with the hugely successful World of Warcraft drawing heavy inspiration from its mechanics.

Released in 1999, the original Everquest saw the release of 19 expansions with a further three still planned for the future. At its peak in 2003, the game had approximately 450,000 subscribers. The MMO went free-to-play earlier this year.


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adam_bagpuss 5th August 2013, 12:51 Quote
so its 2nd life then ?
proxess 5th August 2013, 12:52 Quote
Finally, a Modern MMO that does what Ultima Online has been doing for 16 (??) years. If it's 1/4 as good as UO or Half as good as GW2, I'll give it a go.
DC74 5th August 2013, 14:05 Quote
I loved UO, which was the first MMO I played, then went onto EQ. I have to admit I had very enjoyable experiences playing both and felt kind of nostalgic when I read this. I hope SOE manage to pull this off, if so then this will bring an interesting new dimension to a market saturated with cloned MMO's that currently lack originality an depth.

I will await this new version of EQ with anticipation, good luck SOE I hope you pull it off.
sixfootsideburns 5th August 2013, 14:11 Quote
MMO's are great fun, but they are too much of a life-suck. I haven't picked up an MMO in years and plan to keep it that way because they consume you if you let them.
IamJudd 5th August 2013, 14:22 Quote
I loved EQ... Went back to it a few years back and it's full of boxers... One guys using 5-6 accounts with third party software and camping loot whilst afk. I have high hopes for the Landmark software and might get drawn back in. Been sketching things I want to make already!
SchizoFrog 5th August 2013, 14:31 Quote
Considering the amount of time needed to personally invest in to an MMO to develop a character, gaming relations with other players and to get the most out the game as a whole I think I will just hold off getting involved in anything as I await the release of The Elder Scroll Online early next year.
liratheal 5th August 2013, 16:10 Quote
If you can destroy things, and the changes are permanent, does no one see that getting abused like mad?
maverik-sg1 5th August 2013, 17:10 Quote
Agree with "sixfootsideburns" mmo's are great and they really do suck the life out of you - nothing becomes more important than the next epic/level/achievement...far too addictive in a repetitive kind of way.

Ultimately they're all animated spreadsheets based on numbers and probabilities - the sooner you can accept them for that the richer life becomes without them.

I don't regret banking 500days play in World Of Warcraft before I finally quit,because it was so much fun - but I often wish I'd never started playing it in the first place, life's priorities get proper stuffed up when you commit to playing an MMORPG, I missed a lot of real life (and sleep).
sixfootsideburns 5th August 2013, 19:29 Quote
Originally Posted by maverik-sg1
Ultimately they're all animated spreadsheets based on numbers and probabilities - the sooner you can accept them for that the richer life becomes without them.

I absolutely agree, and ultimately this seems to be the same idea. My hope is (for the sake of future games) is that they are going to arrange those spreadsheets in a new way that hasn't been done yet. It sounds like they are on the right track based on some of the Debut videos, but with such grandiose plans I'm apprehensive of how accurate the final product will be to what they describe. I think we can all remember Spore (ughh)...

Again though, as much as the game sounds like it has serious potential for the sake of the rest of my life I think I will probably pass.
dolphie 6th August 2013, 03:16 Quote
The changes are not permanent, they get reset in time, and through game events like earthquakes. So it's more like the rifts in Rift, only on a bigger scale.

The permanent changes are what you make with the design tools which is basically an advanced version of minecraft. You then submit this to SOE and they can use it in the game world if they like it. So you can make an entire city or dungeon and it can end up in the game if it is good enough. You can also make objects like a tower or whatever, and then sell this to other players for real money, and they can use your object in their own creations, if they buy it. And then if they sell their creation, you will get a percentage based on your item.

The technology is all quite impressive because the building tools is AAA standard, not like the very simple Minecraft. But it can attract the same type of people. So basically they will have advanced Minecraft players make half of their game, and then future content. Also the destruction of the world is legit, not just a gimmick that sounds cool but is bad in reality.

So far so good. The massive downside from my point of view though, is that the gameplay has been completely changed too. It is now League of Legends in an MMO world. The classes are not really classes any more, they are like heroes. You can pick whichever you want and change whenever you want, so it's not a permanent class, it's just your current 'pick'. And they work the same in combat too and are all balanced for PVP. The combat basically works just like LoL or DOTA or HoN or whatever.

It also has a bit of Guild Wars 2 blended in, in that you get 4 abilities based on your currently chosen hero/class, and another 4 based on the current weapon you have chosen.

The combat is very fast and actiony. It could be really good fun, although it is a big disappointment to anyone who wanted something that resembled Everquest, because it is nothing like that.

There are rumours that they may make an EverQuest 3 at some point, but that is anyones guess. For now, this is EQ Next, and it is called that for a reason.
IamJudd 9th August 2013, 14:02 Quote
I've already been sketching out some of the things I'd like to make! Qeynos Sewers with a Ratonga outpost and some landscapes involving sand dunes and inverted pyramids... The design element has got me hooked. I might not actually play the main part but spend my time designing... I never got into minecraft!
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