Fez 2 cancelled

Fez 2 cancelled

Fez 2 was announced last month with a teaser trailer at E3.

Indie developer Phil Fish announced via Twitter this weekend that Fez 2 has been cancelled.

The announcement was made following an argument between Fish and GameTrailers video personality Marcus 'Annoyed Gamer' Beer. Beer criticised Fish and Braid developer Jonathan Blow for not commenting on Microsoft's new policies to open up the Xbox One to indie development.

Fish responded that he had not commented yet because he was waiting for actual information to be presented before saying anything and demanded an on-screen apology from Beer.

The argument then turned unpleasant and was followed by Fish commenting on how he hated the industry and how the constant criticism and nastiness had often made him consider leaving the business for good.

In an ominous tweet later on in the day, Fish said: 'I'm done, Fez II is cancelled. Goodbye.' An update on the Polytron website also confirms the statement.

'This is as much as I can stomach,' says Fish. 'This isn't the result of any one thing, but the end of a long bloody campaign. You win.'

Fez 2 was announced during the Horizon indie section of E3 last month and was going to avoid Microsoft's consoles due to Fish's previous experience with getting Fez onto the Xbox 360, his problems with issuing a patch for the game and the company's restrictions on self publishing.

Since the announcement, Microsoft says it has changed its stance on allowing independent developers to publish titles on their systems without needing to go through a third party publisher.


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Adnoctum 29th July 2013, 10:41 Quote
(Man) Children behaving like (man) children. News at 11.
Fish is a massive tool, and this infantile hissy fit is in character.

If there is no Fez 2 after this then it is because there wasn't much Fez 2 to abandon. Otherwise, prepare for some drawn out attention-seeking before a dramatic back-pedalling release.
r3loaded 29th July 2013, 11:10 Quote
He's one to talk about constant criticism and nastiness:
sotu1 29th July 2013, 14:45 Quote
I'm actually going to side a little bit with Fish here. I know he can be a douche, but Annoyed Gamer I actively avoid like the plague. The net is filled with enough whiney douchebags without us needing a web show that centralizes being a whiney douchebag.
Harlequin 29th July 2013, 14:50 Quote
was this another kickstarter funded as well?
AlexB 29th July 2013, 14:51 Quote
I'm on Fish's side too. He gets so much **** from people on Twitter and on websites. It's like it's cool to hate him.
schmidtbag 29th July 2013, 15:05 Quote
While I do feel bad for Fish and doesn't deserve the hate he got, he is a drama queen and I feel like he's more of a visionary than a good programmer. I say this because Fez should not have taken as long as it did to release and the game is not anywhere near complex enough to have the amount of technical difficulties it encountered in it's pre-release stages.
Adnoctum 29th July 2013, 16:19 Quote
@ sotu1 & AlexB

I'm going to side with the person who isn't an attention-seeking self-entitled princess . . . only there isn't one in this situation. Marcus "Annoyed Gamer" Beer is a minor video personality who provokes for views.
He is a bug to be ignored. Not that Phil Fish is much more than a bug himself, only he doesn't realise it.

Instead Phil Fish put on a prima donna fit and told Beer he should go "kill himself" (which Bit-tech chose not to report) before picking up his ball and running home crying about all the "nastiness". What a big man! What a hypocrite, considering the crap he himself has publicly spewed, and even more perverse when you read his Twats in full!

I can think of very few reasons why an adult should tell another person to go kill themselves publicly on the Internet (perhaps a comment that includes a horse, some lubricant and a Mum?), and I can't think of any reason a professional person should. Being asked his opinion of Microsoft's independent developer policy doesn't even make the list.
VipersGratitude 29th July 2013, 17:37 Quote
I believe this sums up the article nicely:

Snips 29th July 2013, 23:24 Quote
It was right to ask him for a comment now Microsoft had released details of it's openness for indie developers on the XboxOne. Fish was one of the first to have a go at jumping on the Microsoft haters band wagon after E3 this year.

He's rightly been outed as a first class tool. Goodbye indeed
SchizoFrog 30th July 2013, 04:53 Quote
I just find this all funny in a not-laughing manner. So those commenting above (and I am sure many others too) deem it childish to disagree with someone and end up calling them names (I agree with that part) and yet then go on to deem it acceptable to call both Fish and Beer names, including hypocrite.

Oh the irony that flies above so many heads.

P.S. I did however, have a little giggle at 'Fish and Beer'. :)
Adnoctum 30th July 2013, 07:31 Quote
Originally Posted by SchizoFrog
. . . and yet then go on to deem it acceptable to call both Fish and Beer names, including hypocrite.

Oh the irony that flies above so many heads.

"Hypocrite" is not a naughty word.

It is hypocritical to whine about Internet negativity and criticism when you are a notorious source of negativity and criticism.
It is hypocritical to complain about abuse when you abuse others.

The schadenfreude is high with this because Fish has behaved like a toxic arrogant tool and that Fez was the second coming of gaming. It wasn't.
A personality as abrasive as Fish's is only tolerated if he has a thick skin and a large body of successful work (see John Romero). Fish has neither.
eVoPhantom 30th July 2013, 08:37 Quote
Doesn't Fez still have a number of game breaking bugs? Perhaps finish the first one before having a tantrum and cancelling a second?!
SchizoFrog 30th July 2013, 11:17 Quote
Adnoctum, I think you missed my point. It is hypocritical to be critical and insulting an individual for being critical and insulting.
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