Ouya exclusive Towerfall coming to PC

Ouya exclusive Towerfall coming to PC

Towerfall is a 2D brawler for up to four players and is currently one of the Ouya's only exclusive titles.

Towerfall, a 2D brawler currently exclusive to the Ouya, is coming to the PC according to developer Matt Thorson.

Thorson confirmed the port over Twitter, stating that it will take a couple of months and will ship with 'a ton of new content'. The PC version should launch at between $15-$20.

Towerfall has been described by some sources as a 'system-seller' and has been met with a generally positive critical reception thanks to its compelling Smash Bros-like
style and gameplay. On the Ouya, the game sells for $15 and supports a Playstation 3 controller.

The move to PC means that the Kickstarted android console will be losing one of its only exclusive titles.

Earlier this week, Ouya announced a $1m funding pool to help encourage the development of exclusives for the system. The fund will match the amount raised by any Ouya project that successfully makes it through Kickstarter from a minimum of $50,000 up to a maximum of $250,000.

The Ouya has been struggling with a lack of exclusive software since its consumer-facing launch last month. In some cases, early advertising efforts from some organisations even resorted to highlighting the machine's ability to run emulators for classic consoles to help the box sell.

The $99 Android console raised just under $8.6m on Kickstarter, making it the second-highest earning project in the crowd funding platform's history, behind the Pebble smart watch with just over $10.2m.


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miller 19th July 2013, 10:48 Quote
What's more interesting is that OUYA has declared they have set aside one million dollars to give to game developers on Kickstart, naturally, there are a few clauses,

"If your Kickstarter campaign meets the funding requirements and you agree to be exclusive on OUYA for a minimum of six months—beginning the day you launch on OUYA—we’ll match 100% of the total amount raised up to $250,000 (until the $1M fund is tapped)."

I wonder if any of the bigger game companies will do the same?
rollo 19th July 2013, 19:24 Quote
Sony and Microsoft both already pay for console exclusives there is no one else left who would pay for exclusives. Nintendo have the big exclusives all in house on there side of things.

Google or Apple is not gonna do it thats for sure.

The fact its lost an exclusive suggests sales are not what the developer expected them to be and has decided to try and rescue his game on another platform.
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