God of War's David Jaffe joins car combat Kickstarter

God of War's David Jaffe joins car combat Kickstarter

MotorGun will draw inspiration from Twisted Metal, Interstate '76 and films such as Mad Max and Death Race 2000.

God of War and Twisted Metal developer David Jaffe has joined Pixelbionic in launching a Kickstarter project to fund a car combat game.

MotorGun is being worked on by several developers who also worked on Interstate '76. Jaffe joins the project to help with the game's creative development.

The game will focus on team-based multiplayer combat with players behind the wheels of armed and armoured automobiles. The modes currently planned include capture the flag, salvage and convoy related games.

Judging by the Kickstarter pitch, MotorGun will step away from Twisted Metal's rather arcade-like feel and will instead use real world car physics, adding in a 'deep set of customisation elements' featuring vehicle tech-trees.

'As a huge fan of the genre, I'm really looking forward to contributing to the game's vision and design goals,' said Jaffe.

The game will also be drawing inspiration from films including Mad Max and Death Race 2000 as well as its Twisted Metal and Interstate '76 heritage.

The game, developed for PC and Mac, is aiming to raise $650,000 and as of writing has raised $28,300 from 290 backers. As well as financial backing, Pixelbionic is also asking for community feedback on how the game is looking so far.

Beyond the $650,000 mark, the team is offering a series of stretch goals including single player campaigns, additional vehicles, upgrades and environments.


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schmidtbag 18th July 2013, 14:50 Quote
Not sure if I like the idea of real-world physics in an arcade-like game, especially for a game that doesn't seem to be race focused. Real-world physics tend to be a bit slower paced and if aiming depends on the direction of your vehicle, that'll be a real pain in the ass. Also, I won't be happy with the idea where driving into a wall will kill me faster than being shot at - realistic physics make avoiding walls much more difficult.

I'd like to see some gameplay videos to see what it's like before considering pledging. Maybe it won't be as bad as I suspect.
LordPyrinc 18th July 2013, 15:22 Quote
I'm hoping it will be something along the line of EVO 2 4x4's upgrade system, just with weapons and shielding type add-ons as well. In EVO, you could upgrade all manner of equipment including engine, braking, suspension, tires, transmission, electronics, weight reduction, etc. But if you didn't balance the upgrades properly, you could end up with a very fast but impossible to control truck.

Just thinking about that game makes me want to give it another try on Win7. Last time I had little success getting it to run, but seems to work fine on Vista and XP. (May also be a 64bit OS related issue).
law99 19th July 2013, 15:56 Quote
realistic physics I think would be ace. But tbh, how are you going to go about doing that in a exuberant, fast paced car combat game? Who is to say what is and isn't realistic?

I'd prefer the added difficulty I reckons
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