Twitch and Steam accounts become linkable

Twitch and Steam accounts become linkable

Dota 2 broke out of its extended beta at the end of last month and is fast becoming a popular title in the eSports scene. accounts can now be linked to Steam accounts due to a partnership between Twitch and Valve.

The deal will be of particular interest to Dota 2 fans as, through watching tournament games with the service, they will now be able to receive item drops via Steam simultaneously. So long as a viewer owns a ticket for the tournament, they will be eligible for the tournament item drops.

‘We realize that people have different reasons why they prefer to watch in game or via streams and wanted to bridge the gap of features they were missing out on by choosing the service that works for them the most,’ said a Dota 2 spokesperson on the game’s official blog.

Previously, viewers had to chose between viewing matches on DotaTV or Twitch and risk missing out on in-game rewards that they might otherwise have picked up.

Valve intends to work further with Twitch to expand features through this account-linking option in the future and has requested feedback on how the system is working for its users.

Twitch also has deals with EA and Microsoft with the company’s game-related streams made accessible over Origin and the Xbox 360 dashboard. It is also aiming for a broader adoption of the platform at a developer level as it recently launched a new version of the Twitch SDK with added broadcast support for Unity projects.

Dota 2 officially launched at the end of last month after a long running closed beta that gradually grew in momentum. It aims to take on the popularity of League of Legends and has already got its foot in the door of the eSports scene.

Valve is not the only company that appears to think that game streaming is going to be big in the near future. One of the features of Sony’s upcoming Playstation 4 is the ability to share streams of games with friends and to publish them directly to social platforms.


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DriftCarl 5th July 2013, 13:29 Quote
I have used origin's ability to stream direct to twitch before and it is pretty good. MY pc isn't really good enough for good quality streams, have bought a new one now and that will come tomorrow so looking forward to trying origins twitch stream on that
PingCrosby 7th July 2013, 20:23 Quote
Will it be called Stitch?
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