Microsoft confirms new Xbox 360

Microsoft confirms new Xbox 360

The new Xbox 360.

Microsoft has confirmed a newly designed Xbox 360 will be available from today, and announces two new games.

The big M confirmed the new console at its press conference at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles.

Although sporting a new look, the new console doesn't feature any new internal hardware. That new look ties in more with the styling of the Xbox One with flat sides and a combined matt and gloss finish that runs round the front and sides.

Also announced with the new console are two new games. Max: The Curse Of Brotherhood is a platformer that incorporates what appears to be Kinect control, allowing for drawing objects in the world. The story follow, as the name suggest, the story of one brother trying to find his little brother, after wishing him away for being annoying.

The other new title is a new addition tot he Dark Souls franchise, in the shape of Dark Souls II. Little about the new game was explained but it looks like being a classic bit of hack and slash fun.

Finishing of the Xbox 360 related news was the announcement of a new Xbox 360 edition of World of Tanks that will incorporate Xbox Live integration and Xbox controller optimised controls.

Microsoft also confirmed that Xbox Live subscriptions would carry on from Xbox 360 to the Xbox One and that buyers of the new Xbox 360 would get two free new games, with options including Assassin's Creed II and Halo 3.


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SAimNE 10th June 2013, 18:51 Quote
... who exactly is going to buy an xbox 360 right now o.0
ssj12 10th June 2013, 19:00 Quote
Why would you release a new model of console without changing to cooler running, more cost efficient hardware?
SchizoFrog 10th June 2013, 19:12 Quote
Anyone who needs a replacement will buy one of these and a lot of people can't afford consoles when they first come out and so what until just before the next gen before buying in to it. You may be all in to the very latest machines and games but they are expensive and the new games are often woeful. Buying now means they have a massive back catalogue of games and they know exactly which games are good and which are not. Not to mention the extensive range of pre-owned titles available.
Releasing the new model also helps them to not feel so left behind when the next gen comes out, it's almost as a little brother rather than a completely outdated system.

As for changing to cooler and more efficient hardware, unless you are talk about the actual cooling system then everything else requires extensive testing to make sure everything is compatible with the old system. Software for current and previous consoles was very specific, you can't just rip out some of the hardware and change it, the very architecture of the software is for that specific hardware. Even changing to a smaller manufacturing process would still be expensive and require huge amounts of costly testing. So in the end it just isn't feasible.

I actually like this design and think that it suits the Kinect far better than the older models. At the right price I think this would be a good buy for a year or two while the XBox One is released and then settles down.
Sloth 10th June 2013, 19:25 Quote
-All the same hardware... in a different case? Yawn. Suppose if you hadn't bought a 360 by now and like the design it's nifty.

-Two games announced! The Kinect version of Kirby: Canvas Curse and a multiplatform title also being released on PS3 and PC. Yawn (despite being super hyped for Dark Souls 2 on PC).

-Two free games! Probably the most exciting aspect, makes it a smarter buy for those on a budget who have held off for so long. Not exactly the most exciting games choices named, both are older and both are sequels but what can a person really expect for free.
KidMod-Southpaw 10th June 2013, 20:57 Quote
Microsoft. You really ****** up this time. Accept it.
fdbh96 10th June 2013, 21:02 Quote
Originally Posted by ssj12
Why would you release a new model of console without changing to cooler running, more cost efficient hardware?

Because they are probably spending 99% of their console time on the xbox one.
fdbh96 10th June 2013, 21:03 Quote
Originally Posted by SAimNE
... who exactly is going to buy an xbox 360 right now o.0

Because the xbox one will be $499, the xbox 360 is less than half that.
dipzy 10th June 2013, 21:43 Quote
:hfor some reason this and the older 360 reminds of my dell gx280 :)
Bede 10th June 2013, 23:44 Quote
I thought the title was an ironic piss-take of the Xbone.
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