Amazon launches indie game marketplace

Amazon launches indie game marketplace

The Amazon Indie Games Store is currently only available in the US and no plans have been confirmed to roll it out further.

Amazon has launched a new online indie games marketplace.

The platform designed for independent developers creating titles on PC, Mac and browser based environments intends not only to sell titles, but also to help indie games reach a broader audience.

The storefront has a weekly Indie Spotlight feature which will interview developers about the creative process and the stories behind their games. For its debut feature, Amazon have a spotlight on Gaijin Games.

'Game development is an art, like any other. It can be personally rewarding, and like other forms of artistic expression, great games can come from anywhere. Powerhouse game studios don’t hold a monopoly on inventiveness or creativity, and some of the best games of all time were created on a shoestring by two or three people with a shared vision,' said Amazon GameCircle Technical Evangelist Peter Heinrich in a blog post.

'It’s hard to get noticed, though. If you’re an indie game developer, it’s usually a headache to get your game in front of people, both gamers and reviewers. Amazon recognizes this.'

Amazon will also be selling indie game bundles exclusive to its store of which all of the proceeds will go to the developer. All other sales will see Amazon take its traditional 30% cut of the sale.

To mark the launch of its digital storefront, Amazon is also offering a discount of 75% for more than 200 games in its catalogue. Alongside this, anything bought up until MOnday will also come with a free copy of Huntsman: The Orphanage, Dynasty of Dusk and The Curse of Nordic Cove.

The Amazon Indie Games Store is initially only available in the US and no plans have been confirmed to roll it out worldwide.


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SAimNE 8th June 2013, 05:39 Quote
should add a nice amount of attention to indie titles. nice to see a decent size company other than valve is taking a bigger interest in them :D
Bindibadgi 8th June 2013, 06:07 Quote
Hope they fixed their terrible CMS for these people. My wife has no end of stress with it.
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